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What If... Meet the Crew

Marty Mcfly 17 Back to the Future (Parts I, II, III) Marty seems to always be getting into trouble when it comes to the timeline. That's partly to blame from his friend/ wacko scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, who created the blasted time machine (the DeLorean)

Luke Skywalker 19 Star Wars ( Episodes 4-6, Episode 8, cameo in Mandalorian) Luke is one of the few Jedis left in the galaxy. Struggling with the fact of the Dark Side, Luke just wants to leave the force behind. But can he?

Owen Grady 34 Jurassic Park (Jurassic World 1 & 2) Owen is an animal behaviorist who can tame a dinosaur. Well, raptors anyways. Owen just wants a simple life. Kinda hard when you're the alpha of four raptors...

Peter Parker 17-23 (internet unclear, prolly going with 19) Spider-man (The original three) Peter has had to deal with some bull crap in his life as Spider-man. At least he can make a living off of himself by taking pictures of Spider-man for J. Jonah Jameson.

Percy Jackson 17 PJO (PJO 1-5, HoO 1-5, Percy Jackson 1 & 2, unreleased series) Percy, son of Posiedon. Yeah, he's used to weird things happening. Never anything of this calliber though...

Billy Batson 14 Shazam! (Shazam! movie) Billy has magic powers, of which he can use when he utters the word "shazam". He's an orphan child, who usually never stays in one place too long.

Brayden "Brady" Mason 16 What If... (OC) Brady loves all of the fandoms the characters before came from. She had no idea that what she did would bring them all together, and take her along with them...

Coming Soon I may or may not add more characters from my fandoms hehe.

Actually, which WOULD you like to see besides the others? Choose one 1. Katie Knight (Big Time Rush) 2. Kirby Buckets (Kirby Buckets) 3. Griffin Bing (Swindle) 4. Phineas Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)

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