Message, With a Stupid Story.
Message, With a Stupid Story. message stories

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Before you decide to do something that you know will offend someone, read this.

Message, With a Stupid Story.

I don't know how many of you got read that story about filling a bucket with every kind act and stealing from it with every mean act.

I was a few times over my life.

I'm going to use that as an example.

My bucket, per say, was always pretty close to empty.

Something was in there, but you could see the bottom.

I tried to fill everybody's buckets as much as I could.

Some would fill mine.

Most just stole from my bucket.

Then I found a loving community.

They filled my bucket.

It may not be full now, but it's a little under halfway nowadays.

Whenever I see someone down in this community, I try to step in and fill their bucket.

I have grown to love this community.

Once in a while, however, I see people stealing from other's buckets.

Guys, please, can we not?

I have had an almost empty bucket my whole life.

Some people in the community have a completely empty bucket.

Lets be bucket fillers, not bucket emptiers.

Now, if you read through that, I have a challenge.

Search Commaful for someone who has an empty or close to empty bucket.

Then, brighten their day somehow.

It doesn't matter how. DM, unlisted post, published post, collab etc.

Just brighten their day.

Be a bucket filler.

° Ekon Icdrogen

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