Leo Explains The 21st Century!
Leo Explains The 21st Century! collab stories

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Collab @goldenflame and I did.

Leo Explains The 21st Century!

Hazel: Hey Leo! What are chicken nuggets?

Leo: Chicken nuggets are like ambrosia, but tastes a lot better and is less deadly.

Leo: Nothing is better than a chicken nugget, and if anyone tells you differently then I will find them and burn them until they're even more crispy than a chicken nugget.

Hazel: Okay, then what's a jumbotron?

Leo: A Jumbotron is like a TV, but 10 times larger.

Leo: They're usually seen in arenas or places like that, but demigods don't normally go there since monsters are swarming areas like that and we're bound to get killed

Hazel: Well, what about the internet?

Leo: The internet is where humans go to socialize with other humans without actually going to meet them since we're too lazy.

Leo: It shows you the answers to literally all of life's problems, except for the solutions to actual problems like world hunger and stuff like that.

Leo: You can also post stories, blogs, and things like that on different sites, or if you're just that one person then you watch cat memes all of the time on YouTube.

Leo: Hazel, whatever you do, don't you dare turn into that person. I'd rather for you to be obsessed with Tik Tok and sites like that than cat memes.

Hazel: Okay.... I'm gonna go now.

Leo finds Hazel later watching Tik Tok cat memes.

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