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inkdragon Smells like cardboard and loneliness
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The first chapter... Wanted to give a little ghost background.

Haunted C h a p t e r 1

Becoming the Ghost

A girl runs through the woods, dirty, dingy, tired. But she had to keep running. "Just a little farther," she kept thinking, "A little farther," BANG BANG The girl caught a second wind. She ran faster and faster.

Until she tripped.

"Please, no," she begged, curling up. But her pursuer didn't listen. She was murdered.

That would've been the end of it. She could've rested in peace. But when people found her body the next day, things went crazy. A girl had been murdered in the nearby woods. That's all anyone in the area talked about. The girl murdered in the woods.

Little did they know, the murdered girl was still among them...

"W-where am I?" the girl asked, thinking she would never wake again. "In the woods, sitting in a pool of dried blood," a voice said. "Who's there?"she asked. "Well, I go by many names," they said, "Which did you know me by?" A boy about as old as the girl, 15, jumped down from a nearby tree with grace.

The boy seemed to be split down the middle. Neither side looking completely human. "I don't know who you are," the girl said. The boy looked confused for a second, then the expression faded. "Am I starting to be forgotten?" Now it was the girl's turn to be confused.

"My apologizes," said the boy, "I go by Jarylo, a Slavic "god"," The girl's eyes went huge and her mouth dropped. "But Jarylo is a myth," she said. "Myths have to come from somewhere," he shrugged. "So, that means your-" "Yeah, I'm old," he said with a smirk, "Older then Jack anyways,"

"Jack Frost?" the girl asked. "Yup. A ghost has to do something with their time," Jarylo said. "Ghost?" Jarylo nodded, "So, I told you my name, now yours?" "Oh, um, I'm Solita Calypso," she said. Jarylo nodded. He held out his hand. Solita took it.

Jarylo told Solita everything about ghosthood. I won't tell you yet ecause that would kill some of the mystery! But Solita stayed around...

For the next 25 years...

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