Comma Drama: The New Student
Comma Drama: The New Student comma stories

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The new kid walked into the school. They seemed to have a sense of swag around them as he walked in.

Comma Drama: The New Student

*Author's note. I will add pictures of your characters later. I am sorry, but I got lazy with that today!

The new kid walked into the school.

They seemed to have a sense of swag around them as he walked in.

Even if he was in jeans and a deep blue hoodie.

The newbie walked up to a girl waiting near the front office.

"Are you Fawkes?" he asked, flipping that short golden brown hair of his.

"So you must be the infamous Artemis Flame," Fawkes said, pulling her own hood off to reveal her black hair.

Artemis followed Fawkes down the hall to his first class.

The teacher was secretly thrilled.

"Class, I'd like to introduce our newest student. The social media star Artemis Flame!" the teacher said.

The class went silent in shock.

Well, except for me. I had never even heard of Artemis.

My best friend Mari let out a little shriek that most of the class wouldn't hear.

She was a social media addict.

Fawkes sat down at her usual desk one over from me.

That meant Artemis sat next to me.

"I'm Artemis," he said with an overrated smile.

"Sola Parker," I said, not even looking in his direction.

I know what you're gonna say. I'm being cold.

That's not it. I just needed to focus on my homework. For being a nerd, I was falling behind pretty bad.

The rest of the day, I shared classes with Artemis.

Everywhere I went, people were lining up to get a picture or autograph.

The school day couldn't have ended sooner.

I went to the Comma Cafe with my friends Fawkes, Mari, Leah, and Kirabella.

We were enjoying a nice time, talking about books we were reading or writing.

That's when they walked in.

Artemis had found one of my favorite spots.

And of course he recognized us and came to sit with us.

Lucky me Phantom and Phoenix walked in at the same time.

"Hey guys!" Phantom said.

"Hey Phantom and Phoenix!" Kirabella said cheerfully.

I was trying to hide my face in my homework.

"Um, you do know you're doing homework for next week right?" Artemis said, looking over my shoulder.

"You call it next week's, I call it tomorrow's," I said, getting deeper.

"Stop being anti-social Solo," teased Phantom.

They liked to call me that because I was always on my own.

I hadn't really had friends until two years ago, except for Mari.

I still was a mega introvert.

I liked it that way.

But Phantom was right.

I looked at my watch.

Thank you Father Time!

"Sorry guys, I gotta bolt. I have a tutor session!" I said as I grabbed my stuff and left.

Little did I know, I left something very valuable behind on accident.

I entered the library to see Drago sitting at one of the computer tables.

Drago didn't need tutoring and neither did I.

We just had an understanding that we can use each other to get out of situations.

But this time I did actually have to meet him.

"Hey Drago," I said as I sat down.

"Sup Sola," he said, not taking his eyes off of the computer, "053796,"

I typed that into the computer.

We had an ongoing online game.

We almost defeated the Dark Lord and saved the Realm.

Levi, one of the library regulars and our "knight" walked in a few minutes later.

We gamed maybe until seven, then we had to go home.

When I got home, I had dinner and went up to my room.

That's when I realized my most valuable possession was missing.

My necklace that I had put in my bag.

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