4098: A Sci-Fi Story
4098: A Sci-Fi Story scifi stories

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This is just a part one. Let me know if you guys liked this!

4098: A Sci-Fi Story

The universe is a vast expanse the human mind can't understand.

What we think we know about the universe is nothing compared to what it actually is.

The year is 4098.

My name is Eli Manning.

My family was on a spaceship headed to the prosperous planet colony on TX-39 called Fronda, after it's founder Alfred Fronda.

We were halfway there.

The ride was a boring five years, and we still had five to go.

I barely had any memory of Earth. We left when I was nine.

I'm fourteen now, and I'll be nineteen by the time we get there.

What a way to spend your childhood, right?

"Eli!" my teacher snapped.

I snapped back to reality.

The silvery look of the box of a room I was in reminded me of where I was.

Spaceship Carrier 25.

"Eli!" my teacher repeated.

I stared back at the screen.

Until we got to Fronda, I was still an Earth student.

"Yes, Mrs. Coblat?" I asked.

"Your connection was lost. I thought you were ditching," Mrs. Coblat said.

"Nope," I said, "I am billions of light years away from Earth though,"

Nobody laughed.

Mrs. Coblat went back to teaching.

I sat through the rest of class.

Once the school day was over, I went back to my family's sleeping quarters.

It was cramped, and I got the smallest sleeping pod because I was the youngest.

Later that night, once my family was asleep, I snuck out.

Nobody is supposed to be out after curfew.

I crept around the ship, ducking when I saw the guards.

Soon, a siren went off.

Red lights flashed.

Nobody knew what was going on.

I hid inside a crate, pulling my space hood on in case of an air leak.

My space suit was equipped with 24 hours of air.

From inside my crate, I could hear the pounding of feet, then the shredding of metal

Then my crate moved.

I was spinning out of control.

I closed my eyes.

I knew what just happened.

I had been sucked out into space.

I was going to die.

But, Fate had other plans for me...

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