Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [5]
Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [5] feelings stories

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First off, happy July 1st! New month new you! I know people go by year but I like to go by month! Ella (12:12 am):

Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [5]

First off, happy July 1st! New month new you! I know people go by year but I like to go by month!

Ella (12:12 am): Do you like to play or listen to any music?

Ella (12:12 am): Oh shit wait it's past 12, I thought it was way earlier I'm so sorry for bothering you if you were sleeping

CJD (12:22 am): Nah your good and no sadly I don't play any instruments but I do like music hbu?

Ella (7:01 am): I play guitar and ukulele but I mostly sing

Ella (7:01 am): What kind of music do you like?

CJD (2:41 pm): I would say like pop but the songs are like they used to be ya know so I like 2000 music and I also listen to rap

CJD (2:41 pm): What do you like?

Ella (2:43 pm): So I listen to pop as well and I listen to rap but its in Korean lol so In general I like kpop. But for singing I like SOME country, folk and musical theater. Oh and I like to listen to rock music in the car with my dad. (I had to come in with the K-pop in a kind of non-straightforward way as to not to scare him off)

Ella (2:52 pm): I just realized that we have passed 100 days of quarantine.... How to did this happen! (To be exact, today the 1st of June, It is the 110th day of Quarantine. At least for me)

CJD (3:17 pm): Nice, do you know any Korean or do you just not understand what their saying. Like I know Spanish so I also listen to music in Spanish. Also that's crazy that we've been in quarantine for so long

Ella (3:38 pm): At first I didn't know any Korean and I just liked it because of the melody but Kpop has genuinely made me interested both the culture and language so I have been attempting to learn some Korean. I know like hello, yes, and for some reason I know fool and drunk (Don't ask)

Ella (4:35 pm): How do you know Spanish? Are you fluent?

Ella (4:35 pm): I've been taking Spanish since 3rd or 4th grade because my school requires it (Although I was annoyed about that, I am now thankful because I graduated with a new language!)

CJD (4:58 pm): I've been speaking Spanish since I was like 2 so pretty good but I don't really know any of the 'technical' stuff

Ella (5:01 pm): That's a long time! My Spanish teacher kinda hates me but that's okay, I just know random vocab and most of the tenses but sometimes my brain just decides to abandon me during Spanish class

Ella (6:00 pm): Oh! And I also know "I miss you" in Korean but that's just because it's the name of one of the group I like's song (I honestly was so scared he would think I was missing him lol)

Ella (6:00 pm): Sorry that was kind of random (Yes it was!)

CJD (6:08 pm): Haha nice

Ella (6:34 pm): :) Okay anyways have a good rest of the day

CJD (6:49 pm): You too (I honestly wasn't expecting him to say that back)

I feel like I had a nice conversation with him today but I feel like we aren't going anywhere. He hasn't once texted me first. It's always me.

He responds and he's nice I just wish he would start first sometimes. I've tried ignoring him to get him to text me but that didn't work, we just ended up not talking for months.

Does anyone have ideas on how to get him to text me first? I know I'm desperate ;(

- Iz K

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