Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [4]
Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [4] feelings stories

infiresman7 Community member
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Lol yeah. Allergies shouldn't exist

I couldn't agree more

Texting(Relationship)Struggles (Original Story) [4]

This conversation makes me laugh my ass off for some reason. It's not even that funny!

Ella (5:31 pm): Again, random question but do you have any pets?

CJD (5:33 pm): Nah I always wanted a dog but my dad won't let me get one

CJD (5:34 pm): You?

Ella (5:34 pm): Yeah, I have a cat

Ella (5:34 pm): But im allergic to them

Ella (5:34 pm): We didn't realize until last summer and we can't just give him away, I love him too much so I deal

CJD (5:35 pm): Damn that sucks I think I'm also allergic to dogs I don't really know tho

Ella (5:36 pm): Lol yeah. Allergies shouldn't exist

CJD (5:46 pm): I couldn't agree more

I swear on my f*cking life every time im typing the conversation he replies!

So this was short and low key kinda funny. Honestly, I feel like we bonded over the allergies part but besides that, I don't really think we are going anywhere :(

- Iz K

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