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Get to know me!

Get to know me!

Hello everyone! My name is Izzy. I am 14 years old and I am from, and currently live in New York.

I have my parents, a younger sister (age 11) and a cat!

My two best friends are Bella and Violeta! I'm super excited because next year I'm going to attend an international school! I'm sorry this is going to be all over the place with really random stuff ;)

My favorite color is baby blue/baby pink but its leaning more towards white and light gray now!

My favorite food/s is ramen, my favorite is like the original vegetarian what or something, I honestly don't know. I also really love steak!

I speak English, Spanish, and Hebrew. I am currently attempting to learn Korean and in the future I really want to learn Chinese and Thai. Haha I wonder why...

I am a musician. I've been singing since I was very young and I taught myself guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums. I really love recording original songs! I am creating a cover/original song youtube channel soon, I will announce it once it is made.

My favorite animals are cats and bunnies! Greatest Fears: Being lonely (#1) Heights Death Cancer Suffering Bugs Snakes Deep oceans

When I get older I either want to be an.. Interior Designer Youtuber Hair stylist Nail painter Singer

When I meet someone the thing I look for the most is being loyal. I like someone who I know won't betray me. I am all for a goofy personality as well! If I meet a love interest the most important thing I am looking for is Caring, protectiveness, kind, understanding!

I love dad jokes. I find them so funny! Everyone thinks that the jokes that actually make sense are bad but the ones that make no sense at all are the best jokes in the world! Like what...

I obsessively keep on redoing my room. I just today decided I'm going to paint my room after I spent two weeks moving everything around lol.

I love palm trees. I don't know what it is about them, but I for sure want to live in like Florida or Cali or some tropical place that has palm trees when im older!

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