Collab: The Feeling Of Getting Lost in a Book
Collab: The Feeling Of
Getting Lost in a Book reading stories

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-The Feeling of Getting lost in a book-
(Collaboration) thank you for participating!!

Collab: The Feeling Of Getting Lost in a Book

I long for the world where you are I want to dive in deep I want to forget all things around me I want you to make me believe

In dragons, fairies and in magic And that true love won’t leave

So show me the world where you Come and stretch out your hand I want to forget all things around me And stay with you till it ends


You're more than ink and paper You're my escape to another world The words that breathe life into skin and bones My reality in a fantasy

For every book I'm immersed in Is another life I've lived

Every being, every monster, every creation of the night My imagination dances for you My lifelong companion My partner in crime


Delving in deep like a diver in the ocean Watching in awe as the plot moves in motion Twists and turns, like a winding rural road Experiencing each and every simulated emotion

An alternate reality Both beastly and feathery

Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller Cornered with fear, thriving in glitter Future lives, and suspenseful shivers Lost in a world, that seems so familiar


I lost all sense of time the day I was gifted my first book- ran my fingers over each word as if they'd take a breath.

In ink, I'd a home, I'd stroke each page until the light

passed through like a dreamcatcher and in its soft spine, there was a hope. Long after the pages lost the memory of my fingers, another's would be there.


Words stamped on the pages Behind smooth covers Starts a movie inside my head Playing over and over again

The details, the imagery, shines so bright I’ve been sucked into a whole new light

I hope to stay in the fictional realm A part of me lives with Lost in the paths it takes me through I forget the world I’m really in.


Locked in a closet, flashlight in hand Flipping the pages, lost in this land Of fables and fictions and dreamy words Describing hate and loving hurt

Silence surrounds me, but my mind is alive As I'm sucked into the pages to mentally thrive

I try to remember what's real and what's not But the sad thing is, I'm totally caught The antagonist attacks, oh what a crook It feels so strange to be lost in a book


Word by word, I get mesmerized In a world I only use to hide It's more than a nose in a book it's like my eyes know exactly how to look

Not at the words but the pictures in my head Swirling and tumbling even as I go to bed

Those memories I never saw and the people I never met Always stay with me Even when I wept


Best pursuit for my breathing space marvel for my wandering mind Words ignite my curiosity And guide me through odd times

Diverse genres but words are just what interest me Fantasies twined with realities even the things that seem absurd

I just love straying in the alphabets and words And 'praise' it seems, to be called a book nerd


A dive into a journey of words , An adventure never seen, You may get to fight with swords, Or be a grandma to a 16 year teen.

Its an enthralling place to be, Discovering and getting shocked by an electric bee.

Figments of imaginations woven with a pen, Jumping in situations so alien, I see the world before my eyes, Truth told , hovering in a basket of lies.


I wake in the land. A land of wonderis things Creatures and humans and bling! I'm stuck in a fairytale And it's my turn, to tell the tale


Pondering deeper and deeper, I come across twists and turns Narrating myself meaningful stories Words flowing beautifully

I feel lost within the magic It helps me all the time Underneath, my blanket soft and cozy I lay It's only the start, the dreams may lead you further away


Couldn't do much of editing, because I had to post this as soon as I could..Yes I am busy with studies

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