3am sleepless night stories

incenta I struggle but I keep trying.
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At 10:32pm you got home from work and were excited to stay up a little bit; unaware of how long it would end up being.

At 11pm you were getting sleepy after a few youtube videos; which you later learn that(the tiredness) was all in your head.

By 12 am you have tossed and turned and thrown about pillows all over the room.

It was at 1 am when you kicked the cat out for being loud and had almost fallen asleep sometime after.

But your legs, yet again, had grown restless.

At 2 am you were hoping for some sleep but instead ended up starring at the ceiling in your blackened room.

It was at 3 am you have finished a bag of kettle popcorn and been laying in a bath that now grows cold.

you have long given up the desire to sleep and decide to just go to your classes sleepless when the time comes.

You wonder how you have become this way, this sleepless goblin who grows weary by every passing day.

At 3:49 am you are tired but know it's just another game your brain is playing.

It's at 3 am that you lose hope in anything.

Its at 3am


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