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"In this story, we are alive"
A poem I wrote for my own birthday today, on the journey to finally living, no matter how hard the world kicks you down. Hope you guys have a great day! <3

their work undone

First of all, thank you so much to all the birthday wishes I recieved this morning, it was lovely to wake up to such positivity. I am very grateful. :) x For those of you who don't know, today is my 17th birthday.

I've spent a lot of time thinking (most of it when I can't sleep lol) about how much I and the people on Commaful have changed since I first joined, about 2 years back.

This is the first part *of 2 parts* of a Commaful dedication post. The second will be a little more direct at how thankful I am in the community, but I thought it was important to share this part first.

You see, it was important for me to write about how much people have changed around me. I've heard stories where users have brought themselves back from the lowest of lows and are truly living now. Growth is something that comes naturally, often, but growth at heart is something that occurs only when you let it.

This poem is about recovery and learning to live again, even when the odds are against you. And that's something I see everyday and it inspired me to do the same. I haven't had the best past 3 years or so, and things are still really hard- I think a lot of people can relate.

And even though the journey is hard, it's still a journey. There's a destination in sight. Like I always say, the strongest poems are the ones you've lived through, so thank you all for sharing your journey, like I am sharing mine. :)

But what helps is knowing the support system in this community and people here are some of the strongest I know. The poem is both personal and not, to me. My name means 'to read' in Arabic (hence 'reader, reader') but the real people I wanted to read this is you guys, who make everything worthwhile.

Tomorrow, I'll post another part of this, but I hope you guys understand that you're all important here in your own way and we adore you for it. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I can't celebrate much at home, I'd usually celebrate with my friends in school, but Commaful makes up for it and more. :) Stay awesome <3

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