my father's taxi route takes him past a mosque

my father's taxi route takes him past a mosque ketchup stories

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A poem about what it feels like to be a second-generation immigrant living in the UK. Thank you for reading, much love! <3

my father's taxi route takes him past a mosque

Backstory: I found this piece in my drafts and found it fit today's prompt (I was amazed at that XD) so I thought to fix it up and post it! It's weird feeling both Pakistani AND British but it's also amazing to have an amalgamation of both cultures to celebrate.

Here's a little short poem to describe what it feels like to me, to be a second-generation immigrant. <3

Forgot to add! Today, I took a little mental health day off from school work and instead: I baked, (blueberry muffins if anyone wants the recipe!), cleaned my room, did a workout, (Emi Wong's from Youtube :P) and listened to a lot of music, and tried writing some new stuff. :)

How's everyone's day going? :) I've been a lot more aware that I need to take a lot of short breaks every couple of days or I'll have another 'burn-out' like a couple of days ago, so I want to know, what do people do when they are giving themselves time to relax? Stay well :D <3

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