The Very Inconveinent Enlightenment That Seeks YOU The Very Wise And Truthful Customer
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imknottI'm typing and I'm crazy
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Fun little stream of consciousness story

The Very Inconveinent Enlightenment That Seeks YOU The Very Wise And Truthful Customer

by imknott

Waking up is HARD

You don't know where to start, and once you've started, you wish you never stopped!

What if waking up was more like dreaming?

Think about it. All you'd have to do is become conscious, and then just sit there contemplating the meaning of waking up. Imagine yourself just waking up, but not actually caring about it!

One day, I said to myself "Why don't I dream instead?"

And that's when I woke up.

I was dreaming the entire time

My life was a mistake. Everything that has ever happened didn't actually happen. I was a living lie.

I panicked.

What was I supposed to do? Just go back to sleep? How can you go back to sleep when you just woke up?

What's Real and what's not Real?

Everything looked as if it were streaming through a poorly rendered 3D CGI graphic. My field of vision flattened into a roll of tin foil.

I kept on yelling to myself "Am I Awake? Am I Awake?"

I couldn't take it much longer. My senses started to merge together, and I shortly found myself unable to contemplate the outside world.

"That's my cat," I said

They were walking into my room. I must've left the door open again.

She purred and looked at me straight in the eyes.

Every vibration hit my chest like pocket of solid air. They're eyes tasted like Dijon Mustard.

"I have to touch them" I said to my cat.

My fingers traveled Light Years in an Epoch amount of time. Once my Moon Men landed on their soft coat of organic fibers, I was struck down.

I could see every millimeter of detail as my fingers sailed.

It was like an ocean. It flowed through my hands like a gentle cruise through thick, warm mud.

"This is Fur" I said.

What seemed like hours turned into minutes, until time became Time again.

I suddenly come upon a great moment of extrodinary clarity.

"I am now. I am living. This is life. I am real and this is reality."

"How did you get in here, Tig?"

I said to her. She meowed back. She must want food.

I look out the window and see it's a beautiful day.

The clouds are out. It's slightly drizzly. Every surface has beads of glass, like seeds on a Strawberry.

Welcome Back.

I'm happy to be here, but I know my time here is only temporary, and I don't want to overstay my welcome. So, my room key is under the pillow. Good night.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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What were you smoking before you wrote this? I want some. This was a great stream you sound like a pretty wiggy person. The poem/stream was filled with symbolism​ and psychedelic detail. I reaaly mliked this.