Little Hearts: Chapter 1
Little Hearts: Chapter 1 mystery2016 stories

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Bridgette had no idea that her painting would be the clue to what was going to change everything. Everything that matters now is what happens in the next chapter.

Little Hearts: Chapter 1

by imanephraim23

The sound came from a distance but yet it was close enough in her ears, loud, pestering and annoying.

She opened her eyes and there it was right beside her pillow she picked up her cell phone and the alarm still going on and on, like an infant hungry for dinner, the time said 12:15am.

She turned it off. It fell silent like the infant, shoved in its mouth a nipple overflowing with milk A message on her home screen read


"Hey Bridgette knock on my door on your way down 2 the garage tonight. Let's make art!"

She shook her head and rolled out of bed. Standing on her feet her ideas started slowly assembling for her next piece she was most creative at night/midnight, it was her time. Her head was clear

she was out the room and headed to the door upfront. She stood there for a brief moment to listen. She was expecting silence from the other side of the door, but it wasn't.

She stood there a little longer, listening to the muffled voices going back and forth She wasn't having any luck making the words out She put her knuckles up

But then the voices started picking up volume and she could make out words. She restrained.

-Marcus I'm up 12:00AM for no reason.. I keep tel.. - -You aren't telling the truth! I saw you las.. a - You're delusional. It's obvio.. - - I. What. No you're just a slut -

-You didn't just call me that Marcus! - - I did! And a liar, I don't see no truth in your eyes..Bitch you're going to shut up and liste..- Bridgette knocked on the door twice. She heard enough.

She headed down the steps fast. She got to the door that leads to the garage turned the locks and pulled it open. Dark and chilly she cut the light on that illuminated all her little art studio

Little containers of Acrylic paint where lined up on the table in the order of darkest to brightest. Colored pencils, rulers, twigs, wax crayons , water colors and more filled the table.

*music turns on* Alternative band Broadcast was on.

Her mind was filled with colors and ideas again Her canvases were inside a huge reddish trunk you can tell had seen many days. Covered in a collage of paint, she got out a 16x20 canvas.

She had everything set up and was ready to paint when the door opened and a marcus walked in. "Hey Brother," Bridgette said mixing colors together "Are you ready to make art?" Marcus said

She smiled and turned around to look at him "I'm ready to make art. On my own". She said "Haha. Nope." He looked around and noticed all the canvases and unfinished work

"You've only been here 4 days, all this mess you've made." Marcus said "Don't worry I'll be out here soon." She let those word out with a laugh. He picked up some crayons and a blank sheet.

Bridgette had a pencil on her left hand and sketched on her canvas, fast but smooth. She stood while she worked. Marcus grabbed a seat.

After 13 minutes of college talk. Boys talk. Marcus got out his chair. "Hahaha. Imma get some water in the kitchen I'll be right back." Marcus said. He got back with a bottle of water.

He sat. He was looking at her work. She was using her brush. She asked "Is Ashley okay?" "Oh yeah, uhm she's just a little sick. She'll be asleep for a little while." Marcus said. Silence.

-What are you painting?- Marcus asked the busy young artistic dark princess painting away so evenly and calm. -A murder scene- She said.

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