Craze man - An Exemplum(3/5)
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Craze man - An Exemplum(3/5)

Craze man - An Exemplum(3/5)

by imanephraim23

The robots dropped me off They left me with some food I couldn't tell why they left me with some food

Because I had told them I wasnt going to eat it - But they put me here feeling all naucseated

Or however you spell it..

I was abandoned at the doorstep of the looney scientist

He made me watch

I told him he would never have my games... He bought them for me though - He would come home and not hit me

He took me out while it was dark

Kept me in while it was bright

Threw away the food I came with

And fed me nothing but drugs.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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The drama and danger grows. You certainly don't disappoint. Your writing and strategy for this piece is excellent. You build the crescendo of wonder in your plot. I can tell that each verse explains some of what just happened and teased for the future verses. Great job!!!