99-cent ice cream cone
99-cent ice cream cone ice-cream stories
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imaginationsendif hamburgers became stories
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A refreshment of lost memories.

99-cent ice cream cone

I threw away a penny worth a fortune. No, not a financial fortune, but a treasure nonetheless.

I flicked it into a wishing well, knowing my loss the moment it left my hands. Among the thousands of coins already there, I would not find it again.

Perhaps it was my wish that made me realize my mistake. I desired a moment of happiness.

The lone penny had been in my wallet for years. I'd forgotten why I carried it, until this moment.

It was change for a dollar of a 99cent ice cream cone. It was strawberry, their favourite flavour. They were the last love of my life.

They, like the penny, are gone now, but I have a thousand memories of fondness and joy.

At this moment the images are refreshed, blazing strong like the day they were made.

Perhaps it was a good trade after all.

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