Anime X Reader! |To be Continued..||Read desc|
Anime X Reader! 

|To be Continued..||Read desc| xreader stories

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Anime X Reader! |To be Continued..||Read desc|

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Yo! I Promise For you weebs out there! to copy n paste fan-fiction from watt-pad onto here! Just tell me what anime you would like in the comments! |Dont worry im going to credit| {Read till End}

I'll mainly be doing X readers for the ladies! If any male readers want something just request it in the comments!

Im mainly doing this since my school banned wattpad and i want to read fanfic during school...Cause im a horny weeb. Therefore If anyone wants to request a lemon.. Ill do it! Go to next page for Definition of lemon☞

The Definition: A Lemon Is When The Reader (Fictionally not real) Is having intercourse (sex😳) With The Character In The Story They Choose. →⇢⇢

Dont Be grossed out ! Its become well lets say a tradition in fan-fiction! Unless your new your not to be judging others!

I'll probably be struggling with keeping up with school..and the lack of sleep I have to catch up on.. so please dont mind if im a little late on

End Of Explanation! Next Chapter Should Be A fanfiction! Please Note I Do Request In The Order Of Which They Were Commented!

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐝𝐠𝐞 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝; 𝐅𝐞𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧 𝐏𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐨𝐫 (x reader) By Astridsayshey on Wattpad (31 chapters)

|prolouge| The slight patter of rain against the concrete echoed through the deadly silent room. The glass dome located exactly above the center of the building served as the only source of ventilation and allowed sudden gusts of chilly air to breeze into the room.

'The calendar loses a precious component, The remaining months gather to mourn. The mourners play a melody, While the 11th moon quietly rises. The chrysanthemum withers and falls, To lie on the ground beside the bloody scarlet eyes. But you will remain supreme. Even after losing half your limbs. Enjoy the interlude. Search out new allies. East is the direction to go. You'll find someone who awaits you." Pakunoda read. Silence.

The deafening silence eloped the room yet again. It was so disturbingly quiet you could listen to your own heartbeat. Except for the occasional pitter-patter of the rain. "Uvogin's death refers to the loss of a component in the calendar." You spoke breaking the silence. "Precious component." Nobunaga corrected you with a look of misery and anger on his face

"Keep your petty mouth shut Nobunaga." Feitan hissed. "The remaining months will be the remaining 11 spiders who grieve over the death of a limb." You continued paying no mind to the latter. Chrollo nodded. All eyes were on you now as you brainstormed over the puzzle resting in Pakunoda's hands.

"The melody must be referring to the screams of people we kill. The remaining spiders play a melody as the 11th moon quietly rises." You said with a baffled look on your face. "Quietly. A traitor?" You whispered looking at Chrollo who nodded, face still contorted in an emotionless scowl.

"The leader will wither and fall. To lie beside the chain user, the survivor of the Kurta clan." You continued the entire prose now making more sense. "But the Spider will remain supreme. Even after losing half their limbs." You looked at the boss bewildered. Chrollo smiled sadly at you and urged you to explain what the part meant to others.

"Half of us, the limbs of the spider will die. But the other six, including the head, will remain supreme and will reconcile." You complied looking down."Continue with the remaining lines." Chrollo said."Enjoy the interlude. The remaining six will search out new allies to rejuvenate the spider. East is the direction they should go, you'll find someone who awaits you..." your voice trailed off.

The heavy gunshots and screams crammed your ears as you swung your sword violently with grace and plunged it mercilessly into the bodies of random folk. Far off in the distance faint opera music could be heard. Though it was loud enough to make out the melancholic rhapsody of the music, the shrieks and screams of everyone made it impossible to listen to the tune.

The next few hours passed off in what felt like mere moments as you stood panting at the base along with other members. The items to be auctioned all stolen, and replaced with copies. The streets were flooded with corpse and blood. The mafia, half demolished. The media cherished over finding dead bodies of the Phantom Troupe. The boss, covered in a sheen layer of perspiration from fighting the Zoldycks.

You were far too stunned to say anything. You remember it clear as day, Silva Zoldyck catching a glimpse of you and proceeding to gape with slightly wide eyes. Your grandfather beside him, face twisted in a disgusted scowl as if to say 'You're a disappointment to the family.'

Their icy glare bore itself into your skin. Accompanied by them was Illumi who merely offered you a shrug as he kept walking. For a moment there you were frozen before offering them your harshest glare and proceeding to flee the scene.

Feitan and Hisoka saw all of it happening. From the cold glares to disgusted scoffs. Feitan who failed to understand the reason pushed it aside unable to care any less about you and your rivalry. Hisoka chuckled and said, "My my. They sure have some bad blood between them." |End Of Prolouge|

|To be continued| The chapters will be written separately and will be in between other fanfictions if needed _________________________________ The User Who Wrote The Story Story Does Not Belong To Me But The Owner Whos Account Is Linked Above

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