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iammeAnd the sunflowered moon whistled
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I'm sorry my focus has been mostly on a them lately. I needed to express my thoughts in order to, hopefully, make them go away. Focusing on the people who have done me wrong, and hoping for revenge on them, will get me no where. So, here I am, finally expressing how wronged I felt by this one person. whom may never realize what they did to me. But it's okay. I'll move on just like they did. But regardless, their presence in my life because they taught me much about myself and they helped me figure out who I wanted to be as a person. And for that I am grateful.


by me

God I am so wrapped up with You

consumed with every thought of You

How we started

how we ended

It frustrates me to no end

to think that You could be so "in love" yet when You left, being "friends" was perfectly fine

And how sad is it that all I want is to see You

to see You loose me

It's wrong of me to feel such a way

to want to see You fight for me, to want to hear You say one last time that you'd never want to loose me

But that's not You

You would never bring yourself to that kind of vulnerability. Just like I wouldn't. But if I knew there was a chance...

And now all I want is to find someone new

to distract me from You

but at the same time,

I don't want to meet anyone.

I don't want to fall once again

like I did with You

You surround my thoughts and

God I hate what You have done to me.

You're so selfish

You're so unaware

And I am so foolish to believe that You would ever come back

But it's okay.

It's better this way

Because one day I will stop wondering about You.

I'll start focusing on something new

And maybe find someone better treating than You

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