Denial, Perception, Frustration
Denial, Perception, Frustration stories

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Denial, Perception, Frustration

by me

It's frustrating

to know the depths of my body are skin and bone but not see it

Its frustrating

to look in the mirror and believe the lies my head are whispering to me

Some days

my thighs appear as two redwood logs

Then on others

they are exactly what they are bony

Trapped in this perception,

it keeps me from seeing the truth from realizing the damage I am doing

It keeps me in denial

"I'm fine. I 'm just not hungry" "No, I already ate." "I just don't have an appetite" "I'm still healthy"

Mother asked me, "why are your hands shaking?"

Now they shake within my pockets hidden from the truth

It's a curse I don't want to believe in

a secret struggle I wish not to see

As I continue to let it abuse me

it eats through my body

Leaving nothing,

but a fake smile and a satisfied reflection of sucking in

There is nothing like feeling the satisfaction

of sucking in your worries and holding your breath to see the progress you have made.

For now I live in denial For now I let my perception deceive me

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