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hx3potter Asian and proud of it.
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Pollution is becoming more and more out of hand, especially in the ocean. I want this to be noticed! Hands up for stopping POLOCEAN!

Polocean of the Ocean

I hear a devastating whirring noise while the abusers of the planet take everything we have.

It's like a part of me has torn apart to watch the other get tortured by a species so proud, so frightful, and so demanding....

I don't think I have to explain to you what that species is.

I watch with horror, unable to do anything, as my body registers what I have done. In my brain, I try to stop imagining this scene as monotonous, black and white, and extremely depressing.

But it is what I am trying not to think. I'm just tricking myself.

A turtle swallowing a plastic bag, my mind registers much too late.

Hundreds of other turtles like me have suffered what the mistake I made: Mistaking a plastic bag for jellyfish.

Perhaps you don't yet shudder at this thought, but the world of the oceans is fading before your eyes. Before this, I had lived peacefully with Mysterious Bob, Invisible Bob, and myself — Bob.

We were the last three turtles in the ocean — this species is about to die out, after being one of the oldest species in the ocean. And we cannot let that happen.

Once a turtle such as the "Bobs", as this story suggests, swallows what might seem like a harmless plastic bag, it can actually be fatal to their sensitive body.

It can suffocate turtles and on occasions, even kill them. It might as well be considered animal abuse!

What happens when every single turtle dies out? What happens when that last shell is cracked, when that last breath isn't spared?

I can't exactly tell you what, but I can tell you exactly why — humane pollution, plastic, etc.

But we can change that if we all work to do so, and if we all act now.

Maybe instead of emptying landfills into the ocean, we can make things reusable or longer-lasting!

Or perhaps we will start picking out plastic ourselves to stop the unnatural pollution dominating the ocean.

None of these are permanent solutions, and they certainly seem very ridiculous, or even ludicrous, but truly — it can save many lives of innocent sea creatures such as Bob, Invisible Bob,

or Mysterious Bob.

We have to act now. We have to stop all this harm we — that is, HUMANS — are causing to disturb other species and make them die off slowly. We need to make a change.

Little things we do can make a difference and change the planet. It can save thousands if not tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of lives.

We don't need to be victims of bigger, larger, and more powerful species. So we don't need to be those "assassins" or murderers of those harmless and sometimes cute animals. Right?

We don't need to be those bigger, larger, and more powerful species, right?

We don't need to ruin our terrific reputation (haha, just kidding about the "reputation" part), and even if I was joking about that, I swear — I'm not kidding about murdering those poor animals.

You don't need to like animals to make a difference or a change. You don't need to love animals or hate animals to make a difference or a change. You just need to do it.

Together, we truly can. Together, we make a difference for every creature in the ocean, every part of plastic pollution, and most importantly — together, we make a CHANGE.

It is never too late to change what we have done.

And it is never too late to save lives and pray to god:

Don't make our sins be done,

Because we can change our end.

There's still hope sparkling in the sun,

And as long as there's a breath in me,

And I can live and I can see...

I will change this world to one of peace.

And to the world, I mean the oceans and the seas.

To stop this nonsense

And to stop the pollution,

The plastic bags littering

The whole entire ocean.

And so I pray to you

To stop and think about what you should do.

Save our ocean?

Or kill our notion?

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