There once was a girl named Molly Molone.
There once was a girl named Molly Molone. stories

hurtingI try to inspire before I expire
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She reminds me of someone..

There once was a girl named Molly Molone.

by hurting

She faked a smile everyday ..

She pretended like she cared ..

She was always quiet, trying her best to not get noticed ..

But the thing was, she didn't know he noticed her .

He was different from her. ..

He was popular, loud, and wanted attention...

But the thing was, for him there was a space down there that he did care ..

He became loving her ..

She really never talked to him because she knew she didn't have a chance with him ..

But then one day, he went to go sit with her

"Hello" he said "Uh, hi" she replied "Don't u have a table to get to?" She asked "I'm already here" he said

She stayed quiet and he finally asked the question..

"Do you want to go out with me? I really like you.." he said, shyly "Umm, your asking me?" She asked

"Of course! Who else would I be asking?" He added "Oh ,maybe one of those popular girls, I don't know!" She said in an angry voice

"I'm sorry" he replied, "I'm gonna restart , ok? Do you want to make me the happiest guy alive and go out with me?"

" haha, your funny, of course I would love to go out with you!" She said . "YES!" he said excited

She was so happy she was dating the most popular guy in the school. She loved him

He was super happy that she was finally his. He loved her.

They loved each other . She started to become less quiet, more interacting to one another. It was really a miracle.

He talked to her everyday, made her feel special. But he didn't know she had a dark side in her.

She was a blossom at day, at night she was a black rose .

He didn't give up on her. He tried everyday.

Until many years passed, she died of a fever, which then no one could save her. And that was the end of sweet Molly Molone.

He still came to her grave and told her how beautiful and blessed she was.

And until this day, they both have a grave next to each other. They were really meant to be.

Right ?

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