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In which a girl who despises May Day has a secret admirer. . .

May Day

by JoJo

I used to think that May Day was a day for idiots.

The types that were couples who spent their time hopelessly staring into each other's eyes.

The type that were couples who left notes on each other's lockers.

Moreover, the idiots that stared into the sunset, hoping that the sun wouldn't blind their eyes.

It was one of those days where I loathed April 30th.

I had received a faulty C+ on my quiz.

Of course, my teacher's raspy voice and stern look told me there was no quiz retake.

My boyfriend of one day had broken up with me.

He told me I was clingy.

I might have texted him maybe one too many times.

Or maybe one thousand.

I didn't make the tryouts for my local sports team.

Worst of all, I had no one to talk to about my predicament.

The sun started to set, starting the beginning of the end.

My neighbour next door spared me a piteous look, making my insides churn like the ocean does when it's the calm before the storm.

His eyes were clouded with the fog from San Francisco, covering hidden emotions.

The twitch of his lips left me wondering about what he was thinking.

It was mostly the wave of the hand that left me crazy.

Did he like me?

It was like Joan de Arc earning the pleasure of getting murdered in cold blood.

Except the mystery of him liking me was exceptional.

Joan didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

He shut the curtains, leaving me miffed at only the sight of dusty brown curtains to gaze at.

I closed the curtains of my bedroom with a hollow sigh.

His smile was the only thing I remembered, marked like a burn. Mysterious like Mona Lisa.

When I woke up, I found petals scattered around my bed, a variety of color.

I reached out to gingerly touch them, smelling the sweet fragrance of them.

School was hell.

Maria Jacobs always snuck me simpering looks as she held hands with my ex-boyfriend.

A volleyball had been thrown at my head by Maria Jacobs. I had ended up at the nurse's office.

My Trigonometry homework had been stolen. Again.

Before leaving seventh period, I found a little flower hidden in my binder. A rose.

"What's that?"

I turn at the sound of the voice.

"Nothing that concerns you."

"Don't be mad that we broke up."

"Don't be mad that I have a herd of admirers."

He glared at the floor at my retort, fuming that I wasn't going to fight over him.

I was not a tiger.

I was a lioness.

"Hey, don't act like that to my boyfriend."

Fire soared down my veins, a scorching, bizarre combination of darkness coating my emotions. They were going to get burned down.

"Hey, what's all this commotion about?"

A boy, probably younger than us, came up to our table group. I remembered him, the cute guy who always raised his hand at every question that I couldn't answer.

He owned the dark hair that fell in little waves, curling at the end, like his smile.

"Is there a problem here, ladies and boy?"

I made an effort to smother my growing smile.

I normally would not let a guy try to defend me, but under the circumstances I was under right now, a knight in shining armor sounded beautiful.


Maria stared wide-eyed at the boy, wondering why he was making an effort from saving my dignity. My ex, however, immediately backed off.

"Aren't you going to leave?"

"Yes, ma'am."

the chorus of voices replied.

When I got to my locker, the boy stood right next to me. I sent him a questioning smile.

His eyes. Violet -- a wondrous shade that resembled the sunset of the mountains.

"My n-name is A-ada -"

he stuttered shyly, tucking a lock of hair behind his ear.

"Adam. I like it."

I responded, a small smile on my face appearing on my face goofily.

I plant a firm kiss on his cheek, tucking a lily into his breast pocket. He turns his head slightly, so my lips land his lips.

"My name is Lily. I love your flowers."

"Want to go on a date?"

"You've earned that right? I think the flowers were enough!"

Hi! I'm JoJo.

You're probably wasting time reading this,

but I'm planning a sequel to this story!

Just press the reaction button and we'll call it good, huh?

If you have read any other of my stories,

you can ask for a sequel, if the story seems good enough for one. =)

Thank you!

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