His Sweet Addiction { Part one}

His Sweet Addiction { Part one} minyoongifanfiction stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part one}

Mia was that type of girl that always felt left out for some reason. People never really wanted to talk and be friends with her just because of how different she was.

And when I mean different is that she had this deep curiosity and love for mythical beings. And what fascinated her the most, was everything that had to do with vampires.

She didn't know why but she felt like the life she was living now, wasn't meant to be. Mia felt deep inside of her, that she was destined to be someone and that she would meet the guy that would change her life forever.

Mia was outside her cabin looking at the cloudy night sky. The cool breeze pulled her long hair back and she stretched her arms wide, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She opened her violet eyes and looked up at the moon again.

Being out here made her feel free, it erased all her negative thoughts. " Well now that I'm out here, why not go for a walk?" She said walking away from her cabin.

Yoongi's eyes turned bloody red as he couldn't bare it anymore. He was thirsty... thirsty for blood. Each time Yoongi's eyes turned bloody red, it meant either he was thirsty for blood, getting ready to attack or kill someone, or when he is really furious.

He licked his lips gazing at the moon. Namjoon, Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook, Taehyung and Jin were right beside him, having the urge to taste blood as well. All seven of them were known as Nightslayer Vampires, because they not only placed a bite onto a human, they would suck every last blood out of a human.

And when they did, it would leave the person completely lifeless. By doing this, they become more powerful than ever. All of them had their special powers, but Min Yoongi is the most strongest, powerful, and most daring.

" Ready to hunt Yoongi hyung??" Namjoon asked, looking up at Yoongi. " You bet!!" Yoongi said, showing his perfectly white fangs.

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