Beautiful You [ Ending #1 ]
    Beautiful You [ Ending #1 ] 1stending stories

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So I decided to make two endings for this ff.
This is one of them.

Beautiful You [ Ending #1 ]

You got a call from Jimin. " Hey Jiminie what's up? " You asked. " Hey can you come out to your backyard??" Jimin asked, nervously. " Uh yeah s-sure..." You said. " Oh and just come like how you are now... no makeup or anything fancy." He said straightforward.

" You seen how I dress and look like! That is how I am ... why all of the sudden you're saying this? You asked, nervously. " Just come out." He said. You gulped. " D-did someone tell him the truth about me?? You thought, your heart beating rapidly due to nervousness.

You dragged your feet out to the backyard. Your head was looking towards the ground, not wanting to look up. You didn't know what was going on but now you knew Jimin was about to see the real you.

" I'm here..." You said tightly closing your eyes, trying to your best not to freak out. Jimin was beside Jungkook and as they turned to look at you, Jimin's eyes widened in shock.

You slowly looked up and saw Jimin and Jungkook looking straight at you. Jungkook had a normal expression on his face cause ya know, he already knew what you actually looked like. But Jimin couldn't believe his eyes.

Jimin's POV I don't know how to react at this moment. The girl I fell in love with is actually not the girl I thought she was. The Y/n I knew didn't look like this at all... The real her is totally different! Like what the heck!!

Why would she hide this from me?? We all stood in awkward silence as I stared into Y/n's eyes. " Well Jimin-ssi... now you know I wasn't lying." Jungkook said, patting his shoulder.

I then saw Y/n's eyes tear up. I could see she was trying to hold back her tears, but she couldn't hold it...they escaped from her eyes. " I look hideous don't I?" She said, tears running down her face.

" Are you crazy?? I actually like this you... have you lost your mind?? Why would you even hide who you truly are??" Jimin asked. " I hate myself... I don't look beautiful at all, I'm absolutely horrible! I'm ugly!!" You shouted, covering your pimply face.

" All the girls dream to be with someone like you... Why would you want to be with a piece of trash like me??" You asked. " Princess how dare you say something like that?? Jimin shouted and quickly embraced you. " Because she's an alien." Jungkook said, making Jimin glare at him.

" Now promise me you won't hide who you truly are from me again." Jimin said, wiping the tears from your cheeks. " I- He kissed your lips and said " I'm here for you ok?" You both started to blush and you hear Jungkook cackling. " AWwWWww!!!! YOU GUYS DEFINITELY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER!!" Jungkook said.

" Oh and don't worry... I'm ok with you guy's relationship." Jungkook said. " But can we at least be friends Y/n?" Jungkook said. You nodded and hugged him happily. " You're perfect just the way you are... beautiful you." Jimin said, and kissed your lips.

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