Watch how they fall

HousecatA small kitten in a big world
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Watch how they fall

by Housecat

We were young, a wasted youth

We were ‘golden’, thought ourselves untouchable

We were liars

Needled our way through life

We weren't living in reality

We were, far from actuality

Our lives a fantasy

We thrived in a sheltered suburbia, relaxed on silk sheets

Where not even mildly upsetting things were uttered, an illusion of tranquility and harmony We pretended that we were good people, that we followed the unspoken rules

A marvelous daydream it was

We were the product of centuries of careful breeding and a righteousness foreign to us

We were failures

We had but a pale notion of a polite demeanor Far from innocent, impure


a moral budget, we were unsuitable for general audiences

We fawned over the impractical, the dangerous

We had an intense, immoral, selfish desire

We lusted for wealth, power, infamy

We were made of greed

We were foolish and narcissistic, uncouth and uncivilized

We were barbaric, we rampaged, we killed, we wounded

We were sickening to the core, fat with our avarice

Of wicked souls and wicked spirits

What monstrous sins we committed

A plague in human flesh, authors of affliction

Because after all we were invincible, correct?

A false sense of security, we were bulletproof, indestructible

However, like all great kings and vast empires,

we crumpled and collapsed

Negligent, lax,

caught up in the beauty of our demolition

We met our maker, under a sword of justice

Unyielding, unkind in it’s swift infliction of retribution

But who’s to say we were undeserving of pain and discomfort?

All of our misdeeds... All those hearts we stilled

Brought to our knees by children no less,

who left us gagging and retching

In those last moments,

as we gasped our last virulent, infectious breath the first rays of the sun made themselves known

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@jeremiah Thank you!!

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amazing. you captured the story so well. the climb to the top unfortunately often has a path to the bottom