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Women Rights, my kids. We're talking about the real warriors of the society.

By: Ditto Duck Penguin

Warriors of the Society

by Ditto Duck Penguin

Cold eyes in a distance glare.

Don't ask them their tattoos are from where.

Even if you think you should care,

They're stronger than you, so be ware.

They were caged and isolated since olden times,

They were forced to be weak but the beast dwelled inside.

They had potential that they never ceased to hide,

They had to bring war on men just to gain their rights.

They've become warriors of this society,

Soldiers, doctors, and joined universities.

They've become saviors of this economy,

The world needs more brave and strong women to join the evolutionary spree.

They're not just mothers to husbands but mothers to the society,

For good men come from good mothers, don't judge me.

They have the right to read and the right to speak,

The right to vote for their home and country.

Dear brave women of this world,

Stay strong and wild.

For up ahead lies more hardship,

But don't feel alone, we'll always be by your side.

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