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hopeantonellis avoiding homework
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Memory reel

eradicate the fear of what will be by slow moving in fast places

I will devour every second of every day like its my last sip of honey whiskey

but still gesturing more in the crooked velocity of my laugh it trickles out in a staircase and invites the warmth upstairs

waving only a hazy finger , outlined by augusts smoke by that weathered swingset, we synchronized our ups and downs for a single night and called it marriage as kids

back when i thought i could fall in love with anybody i found later love is a place, that is held inside

i am constantly checking the warmth of the lights by pressing my palms at the pulp of the electricity

i use the past as an almanac of accepting what is happening now “if you believe in good things they come to you”

I’ve restrained my temptations for years in search of pure water But all my years of growing I watched others drench themselves in pollutants and judged my own inner knowing

of how swimming in a man-made pond will leave you with leeches once you dry off

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