Dzuma - Full Chat Story From Hooked
Dzuma - Full Chat Story From Hooked hooked stories

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Gina: The baby’s nose is bleeding! Aunt Kate: Just pinch her nose.

Dzuma - Full Chat Story From Hooked

Gina: The baby’s nose is bleeding!

Aunt Kate: Just pinch her nose.

Gina: There’s blood on the crib.

Gina: Her parents will freak out.

Aunt Kate: Nosebleeds are common, dear. They’ll understand.

Gina: No they won’t. They’re weird.

Aunt Kate: Do you want me to come over and help?

Gina: No, I can take care of it.

Gina: But you have to admit: the Kelbs are strange.

Aunt Kate: They are particular, yes.

Gina: Mrs. Kelb is so suspicious of everyone.

Gina: She’ll blame me for this.

Aunt Kate: She’s a scientist. She has that kind of mind.

Gina: This poor little baby, growing up with a mom like that.

Gina: At least she’s got a mom, right?

Gina: Not like me.

Please don’t talk that way. Aunt Kate

Aunt Kate: You’re not alone.

Gina: Yeah, I know…

Gina: Other orphans get gruel and spankings.

Gina: I get to live with my cool aunt. 😉

Aunt Kate: What does the baby’s skin feel like?

Gina: She feels cold. Really cold.

Gina: And she keeps whispering something really creepy.

Aunt Kate: What’s she whispering

Gina: Dzuma, Dzuma

Aunt Kate: What?!

Gina: Dzuma

Gina: She keeps repeating it over and over.

Gina: Do you know what it means?

Gina: Aunt Kate?

Gina: You still there?

Aunt Kate: Get out of the room.

Gina: Why? What does it mean?

Aunt Kate: Don’t leave the house.

Aunt Kate: And don’t let anyone in.

Aunt Kate: That includes the Kelbs.

Gina: Why?

Aunt Kate: Lock the doors.

Gina: What does it mean??!

Aunt Kate: I’ll find the Kelbs and let them know what’s happening.

Aunt Kate: Don’t go near the child again.

Gina: Why not?

Gina: Please tell me what’s happening.

Aunt Kate: Get back to you soon.

Gina: Thanks a lot, Aunt Kate.

Gina: I’ll just sit here…. Not freaked out at all.

two minutes later Aunt Kate: I talked to Mrs. Kelb.

Aunt Kate: They’re on their way home.

Aunt Kate: Here’s what you need to do:

Gina: I looked it up. Dzuma.

Gina: It’s Polish.

Gina: And it means…plague.

Gina: Dzuma means plague!

Gina: Death and destruction.

Gina: Doesn’t it?

Aunt Kate: Yes.

Gina: She’s not even two, and she’s talking about plague?

Aunt Kate: Stay away from her.

Gina: Is this the disease that killed Mom and Dad?

Aunt Kate: We don’t need to go into that.

Gina: I’ve read about it. You can find information about it online.

Gina: About the epidemic when you all were in Poland.

Aunt Kate: Don’t worry about that right now.

Gina: Some people say that it infects you…but also makes you really aware.

Gina: Like you have these really deep insights into the world.

Aunt Kate: Where did you hear all this?

Gina: Online.

Aunt Kate: Conspiracy forums?

Aunt Kate: That’s just gibberish from a bunch of weirdos typing in their basements.

Gina: Some of them sound like they know what they’re talking about.

Aunt Kate: All weirdos pretend to know what they’re talking about.

Aunt Kate: So what’s the truth? GinaRight now, just stay put and wait for me.

Gina: You never give me straight answers.

Aunt Kate: This isn’t the time to go into it.

Aunt Kate: Right now, you need to stay away from the child.

Aunt Kate: And keep anyone else out.

Gina: If you want me to listen to you, you have to tell me what’s happening.

Gina: Don’t treat me like a child.

Aunt Kate: All right, listen…

Aunt Kate: It may be nothing…

Aunt Kate: But it’s possible that it’s related to what we saw over there.

Gina: The Plague?

Aunt Kate: We weren’t able to categorize it precisely…

Aunt Kate: But it was dangerous, and highly contagious.

Gina: Am I going to die?!

Aunt Kate: No. I’m going to take care of you.

Gina: What about Ana?

Aunt Kate: What we’re going to do is make sure that you are professionally quarantined.

Gina: Where?

Aunt Kate: I’ll figure that out. In the meantime, we need to contain this thing.

Aunt Kate: Stay away from the child.

Gina: How did the disease get into her?

Aunt Kate: It must have been dormant in Mrs. Kelb.

Aunt Kate: There’s a lot we never understood about Dzuma

Aunt Kate: But we do know that, if you’re not exhibiting symptoms…

Aunt Kate: You’re not contagious.

Gina: I don’t have symptoms.

Aunt Kate: Good. That’s good. For now…

Aunt Kate: Is this the first time Ana’s had a bloody nose, and cold skin?

Gina: Yeah, definitely. She’s completely different tonight.

Aunt Kate: Then let’s hope we can control the situation.

Gina: But I might die!

Aunt Kate: You’re going to be OK. We’ll get the best people on it.

Gina: And why is Ana speaking in Polish?

Gina: She was never there. Her parents aren’t Polish.

Gina: That doesn’t make any sense. She’s just a baby.

Gina: You can’t learn a language through a disease.

Gina: Aunt Kate?

Aunt Kate: I’ll be there very soon. Maybe ten minutes.

Aunt Kate: Most important: don’t go near Ana.

Gina: Hold on. There’s someone out on the lawn.

Aunt Kate: Don’t let them in.

Gina: Out by the fence, behind the trees.

Gina: I think there might be two of them…

Gina: They’ve got masks over their faces.

Aunt Kate: They must be from disease control. Just sit tight.

Aunt Kate: I’m about ten minutes away.

Gina: And now Ana is screaming.

Aunt Kate: Let her cry.

Aunt Kate: Gina. Just let her cry.

Aunt Kate: Don’t go near her.

Gina: She’s choking.

Gina: It sounds like she can’t breathe.

Aunt Kate: No, she’s just crying.

Gina: How do you know?

Aunt Kate: Don’t go in there.

Gina: She can’t breathe.

Aunt Kate: Stay away from her.

Gina: Now she’s sweating.

Gina: Cold as ice and she’s sweating.

Aunt Kate: You’re inside the room?

Aunt Kate: Get out now!!

Gina: Okay, she’s calming down. She had something stuck in her throat.

Aunt Kate: Gina, do you understand that what she has is very serious?

Gina: I helped her cough it up.

Aunt Kate: You can’t be near her.

Gina: I’ve been touching her all night.

Gina: If I’m going to get it, I’ve got it, right?

Aunt Kate: Not necessarily.

Aunt Kate: The more contact you have, the more likely you’ll get it.

Gina: I couldn’t just leave her.

Aunt Kate: Wait for me to get there.

Gina: You’re going to come inside the house?

Aunt Kate: Probably not.

Aunt Kate: I’ll stay outside with Disease Control.

Aunt Kate: But I’ll help figure out how to organize the quarantine.

Gina: How will that work?

Aunt Kate: We’ll have people in from Atlanta in a few hours.

Aunt Kate: Top people in the world. We’re going to be all right.

Gina: This is how Mom and Dad died.

Gina: Isn’t it?

Aunt Kate: It’s complicated. I’ll explain when I get there.

Gina: You’ll yell to me from out on the lawn?

Aunt Kate: You’re not going die.

Gina: You don’t know that.

Aunt Kate: We’re getting the best people on it.

Aunt Kate: Sure. GinaI swear you’re going to be okay.

Gina: What does Klamsa mean?

Aunt Kate: What?

Gina: The baby. That’s what she’s saying now.

Aunt Kate: You’re still in the room?

Gina: I’m near the door.

Aunt Kate: Get out of there! And close the door!!

Gina: Ok! Wash my hands, too?

Aunt Kate: It can’t hurt.

Gina: But what does “Klamsa” mean.

Aunt Kate: I don’t know. She’s just a toddler.

Gina: You sure you don’t know?

Gina: Because the Kelb’s have a dictionary here.

Gina: It wasn’t hard for me to look up Klamsa.

Aunt Kate: This isn’t something to worry about now.

Gina: She said it again. And I know what it means.

Gina: It means liar.

Aunt Kate: She’s a sick baby. Don’t worry about what she says.

Gina: She warns me about plague.

Gina: She warns me about liars.

Aunt Kate: I am not lying to you.

Gina: You don’t tell me the whole truth.

Aunt Kate: Gina, you’re all I have in the world.

Aunt Kate: I would never do anything to hurt you.

Gina: You have lied to me.

Gina: In the past.

Gina: Took you a week to tell me Mom and Dad were gone.

Aunt Kate: I will explain everything I can.

Aunt Kate: Promise me you won’t go near her until then.

Gina: Wait…I smell something.

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