When You Swim in Your Clothes
When You Swim in Your Clothes poem stories

honeythighs i believe.
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he is a boy, and he is drowning.

When You Swim in Your Clothes

The Raven King emerges from beneath

His cover. He is tall and proud, but he

Is little more than a boy. He may seethe

And punish, but he drifts blindly at sea.

The black cloak that surrounds him has fallen;

It is little more than a tattered heap.

He floats grotesquely, like something rotten —

Oh, the lost boy, sinking into the deep.

His tarnished armor drags him down the stream.

The orange rust collects by his body.

As he thrashes in the water, a scream

Is heard: "I will always be somebody!"

He is not their master. He never was.

As he chokes back sobs, he hears their applause.

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