Rivulets of Bronze and Gold
Rivulets of Bronze and Gold jun stories

honeythighsi believe.
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the sun must adore him, all tall and speckled with gold.

Rivulets of Bronze and Gold

by honeythighs

junhui simply could not allow himself to speak. there was something truly, truly terrible concealed behind the rigid cage of his teeth, held captive by the tight seal of lips clamped shut.

should he open his mouth, everything he had built to prevent such an event would come crashing down around him like a rogue wave undone—

a swell of water that could not be halted on its path to inevitable destruction.

it would scream past his bumbling features, too quick and vigorous for him to even begin decipher, let alone still.

it would destroy him, reduce his mouth to a mess of flesh and blood and secrets that should've stayed inside.

he could not allow such harm to come upon minghao.

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