A Plea for Equality Part Two: An Urgent Call for Understanding.
A Plea for Equality Part Two: An Urgent Call for Understanding.  quote stories

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A Plea for Equality Part Two: An Urgent Call for Understanding.


I believe I published a story a while back.

It had a quote by a famous British Prime Minister.

It said:

"Courage is what is takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what is takes to sit down and listen."

And I thought: no truer and wiser words could be spoken.

Let me explain this, why this quote became so, so important to me.

I consider myself neutral on the political spectrum.

I believe in change and equality, I suppose that I am liberal in that sense. But economically, I am conservative. I believe in a strong economy and businesses that bring jobs.

But in light of recent events in my country, I am, in fact, a Nazi. A racist. A selfish, immigrant hating b*stard that shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Let me share something with you.

First of all, I am British. I am talking about Brexit. Second of all, I voted to Leave. Third of all, you can't possibly know my reasoning behind it. You are not me.

This is where that quote comes into play.

When Churchill talks about having courage to 'sit down and listen', he addresses those who think that they are tolerant and loving, but in fact are the least tolerant of us all.

Some people can't even bring themselves to understand or respect opinions that do not correspond with theirs. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, whether they are good or bad.

I voted Leave for a reason.

I felt that Britain wasn't benefiting from the EU, but you voted Remain because you did feel as if there was a benefit in staying. And that's okay; I can understand that.

It doesn't mean that I should be punished, or my country.

Don't actively persecute people because they don't agree with you. Don't say that the vote wasn't democratic, when 58% voted to Leave. There was a majority.

And it WAS democratic.

Clearly, you do not understand how democracy works.

I hate to say it, but Trump was democratically voted in as well. Again, there was a majority. You can say what you like, but he's the President now.

As sad and disappointing as it is...

But you can change that by voting in someone better next time. Don't forget, there is always another chance.

But the thing that angers me the most is double standards.

I want to stress that I have no resentment towards Scotland. I understand that they want independence because they want to stay in the EU. I don't want them to leave...

...because I don't want the UK to break up. I love my country too much for it to dissipate. Despite the rocky past, England and Scotland has been through so much together, and we were united.

But going back to double standards...

People supported separation of Scotland from the UK, but when it came to the UK separating from the EU, all of a sudden independence was wrong. It was the 'right-wing' thing to do.

People who voted to Leave the EU were seen as patriotic racists. But those who wanted Scotland to Leave the UK were doing the right thing. They were freedom fighters, inspirational, even.

Two very similar referendums.

But it was one thing for the other. I was told that I should feel shame for being British, or English more specifically.

I know that England treated people badly in the past.

But I refuse to be held responsible. Don't blame the child for the actions of their parents. It was those in charge who committed those atrocities, not the people.

I beg you to listen.

I am not trying to change your mind, but I am trying to help you understand. You have a right to say what you want, but I do too.

I support LGBT and Black Lives Matter.

Love is love, right? And everyone has the right to be valued.

I love how diverse Britain is.

I have non-British friends that I adore, and I think that immigration does benefit our economy. I like that Chinese entrepreneurs see a potential in our country for new businesses.

Don't label me without listening to what I have to say first

Don't judge me because I don't 100% agree with you. It's not fair, and it's not right. I have a right to my own opinion because I live in a free country where I can challenge the government.

And I will take advantage of that.

I will challenge. I will disagree. I will be controversial. I will go against what is acceptable.

I will make enemies.

But I won't be abusive. I will try to understand and try to look at the argument from both sides.

Sometimes even I question my opinions and values; should I abandon and conform?

But what is the good in that?

Sometimes it's good to question, to rebel a little. After all, isn't that what shaped our society?

People rebelled.

What was once unacceptable, like homosexuality and same-sex marriage, was made acceptable by rebellion.

Eventually, people sat down and listened.

And it was all because they had the courage to set aside their pride and open their minds to a new perspective.

I live by this quote now.

"Courage is what is takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what is takes to sit down and listen."

I make my opinions known.

Call me an attention seeker, say what you like.

But when you hear what I have to say...

...Please, sit down and listen.

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@Reasonsofbeing awwwwwwww squishy :') <333

HOLYGRYPHONSBronze CommaTwttr: https://twitter.com/HolyGryphons
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@Reasonsofbeing Thank you sooo much boo :* love you too <33333333 Vive la revolution ;)

ReasonsofbeingBronze CommaTo know me, read me (;
3 months agoReply
1) yes. listening is just as important as speaking, and people that think they are tolerant are often just tolerant of what they think is right. 2) I'm so proud of you for starting controversy. Everyone thinks they should avoid it....but where would we be if we didn't fight for what we believe in? 3) there's something so wonderful about the way you actually are willing to change your beliefs. I commend you loo!! 4) love you <33333333

ReasonsofbeingBronze CommaTo know me, read me (;
3 months agoReply
jesus im crying, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME