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holo Community member
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Just like the title says it. Things I like to watch.

Things That I Like To Watch

by Holo


I am currently watching 11 animes. I plan to watch 17 more (at this moment) and I finished 14 of them.


I admit it. I watch YouTube a little bit...Okay a lot, but can you really blame me. I mean some YouTubers are funny to watch and they brighten other people's day.

Red Vs Blue

This can follow in the category in YouTube because it is on YouTube. The show is going to season 15 and I recommend all of you to watch it. It will make you laugh and have other mixed emotions.


This can also go into the category of YouTube and anime, but most people don't consider it anime. It's funny, has memorable characters and it might just make you cry (Posted on YouTube).

50% Off

This is also on YouTube and it uses the animation of the anime 'Free,' but I enjoyed this one a lot. Just go check it out, it's really funny (or maybe it's just my humor).

That's really all that I watch. I watch all of these (mostly anime) all day. I really have no life. I'm sad *Goes to the corner of the room and cries silently.*

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