Assistant Lover: One,Two (Part 2) Warning: mature Content!
Assistant Lover: One,Two (Part 2) Warning: mature Content! bts stories

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See Part 1. Warning: Contains sexual content!

Assistant Lover: One,Two (Part 2) Warning: mature Content!

I tried to stabilize my breathing as I heard Jungkook stand up behind me. His hands gripped my hips and I was suddenly spun around to face him.

I almost lost my balance, but my hands caught the desk behind me as Jungkook knelt down in front of me. His arms grabbed my legs and he lifted me up.

I bent over so that my body was now draped over his shoulder. My hands held onto his back as he walked out of the office and into the hallway.

I had expected him to go into the bedroom, but instead,​ he walked down the stairs.

Jungkook walked into the game room and set me down right in front of the pool table. He straightened up and looked down at me. “If you win, I will take those out of you when you want me to.

If I win, then they’ll stay in as long as I want.” He said before giving me a smile and walking over to the wall to get two sticks for us.

I groaned, knowing that I was going to lose. I rarely ever played pool, so I knew I was going to be bad. I still wanted to play along though, to delay his next teasing game.

He handed me one of the sticks after he had chalked both of them up. I watched as Jungkook set up the table, but I was barely conscious of his actions. My mind went back to the beads inside me.

It felt like Jungkook had pushed them up further, but just as well because I felt like if I bent over again, they would slide right out.

The sound of the balls on the pool table hitting each other snapped me out of my thoughts.

He got a solid colored ball in a pocket, meaning he would be after the solid colors while I would be after the striped ones. He took another turn, hitting another solid ball into another pocket.

I saw him smirk as he looked at me and I realized I was glaring at him. I didn’t let up on my gaze, knowing that I was going to lose against him anyway.

Jungkook took another shot, but just barely missed the pocket. It was now my turn.

I walked around the table​ and stopped right in front of Jungkook. He must’ve known that I would take my shot from there because he didn’t make an effort to move away from me.

I bent over the table a lined up the stick to the white ball and aimed for a striped ball that was sitting right near a pocket. I could feel Jungkook’s eyes on me, or more importantly, my butt.

I took the shot, and the ball went into the pocket. I straightened up and walked around the table again and tried another shot, but I missed.

Most of the time I only made one shot for every two shots Jungkook made. I knew I was going to lose, but I still tried.

Jungkook had only one more ball on the table while I still had three.

I managed to get one of them into a pocket, but his solid ball was blocking my striped one from the pocket and the other striped ball was too far away to try to hit it.

I tried my luck with the two balls sitting next to each other. I aimed, I hit the white ball, and it split the two balls apart from each other.

My striped ball didn’t make it to the pocket I was aiming for, but the solid ball did. I lost.

I sighed and straightened up to see Jungkook smirking at me from across the table. “Lost with two left on the table.” He said, laying his stick on​ the table.

I put mine on the table as well as Jungkook walked around the table and over to me. “Yeah, and I’ve got two more inside me.” I said, shifting my hips subconsciously.

Jungkook reached me and grabbed my arm, spinning me around so that I faced him and my butt leaned against the pool table behind me.

His lips pressed against mine for a brief moment before he pulled away and gave me a playful smirk. “Let’s check on them, shall we?” he said before he pushed me down onto the pool table.

My back hit the hard surface and I let out a soft grunt as the wind was nearly knocked out of me. I felt my pants being tugged down a second later, and in two seconds they were on the floor.

Jungkook then pushed my legs open and leaned over me with his hips between my thighs. His lips kissed my chest​ and then traveled down my body.

I let out a couple soft moans and I made one of my hands run through Jungkook’s hair while the other gripped the side of the pool table.

His lips traveled down to my crotch where his tongue then began to tease my entrance. I was still wet from earlier and my newly growing arousal.

The feeling of his tongue teasing my entrance made me moan louder, and the back of my head dug into the pool table.

I felt him take the string that held the beads inside me between his teeth and he tugged at them lightly. Even the slight movement of the beads being pulled gave me pleasure.

I wanted him to take them out and replace them with his manhood, but I already knew that wasn’t going to happen.

After Jungkook’s teeth tugged at the beads, almost pulling them out completely, he let go of the string. His tongue then slipped inside me, and I could feel his tongue touch the beads.

His tongue pushed the beads back into me as far as he could, and I could feel my orgasm approaching again.

His tongue continued to tease me, moving around inside me and making the beads move with his tongue. It wasn’t long before my weak restraint gave way to my orgasm.

I let out a loud moan as I stiffened up and my orgasm hit me with each movement his tongue made.

My body slowly relaxed as I came down from my high, and Jungkook’s mouth left my entrance. His tongue was replaced by two of his fingers a second later as he pushed the beads further into me.

It wasn’t over yet, but I already felt exhausted. His fingers then pulled out of me and he stood up, my hand falling from his messy hair as he looked down at me with a smile. “Two.”

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