Assistant Lover: Chapter 16 - Guilty (Part 2) Mature Content!
Assistant Lover: Chapter 16 - Guilty (Part 2) Mature Content! fanfiction stories

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Warning: This story contains sexual content! It's the middle of the night and Adrianna tries to get her phone back only to be stopped by Jungkook.

Assistant Lover: Chapter 16 - Guilty (Part 2) Mature Content!

I woke up in the middle of the night to feel myself lying down on something soft. Warm sheets covered my body and I could feel a warm hand on my stomach.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the top of the canopy bed that was Jungkook’s. He must’ve carried me to bed after I had fallen asleep on the chair.

I remembered our fight, and I remembered Jungkook taking my phone from me after Jimin had called.

I wondered what Jungkook had said and done on my phone, but I wouldn’t find out until I found my phone.

I turned my head to the side to see Jungkook’s sleeping face facing me. He looked peaceful​ and much less scary than he did earlier. I slowly sat up and looked around the dark room.

I glanced over at​ the nightstand next to the bed and saw two phones on there. One of them must be mine.

It wasn’t too far to reach, and I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I slowly reached over to the nightstand.

My fingers touched the hard surface, and my hand was just inches from one of the phones. I was suddenly pushed down onto my back, and I felt a warm, heavy body on top of mine.

My wrists were pinned to the​ pillow on either side of my head, and I looked up to see that Jungkook was wide awake and staring down at me.

My eyes went wide with shock. How could he move so quickly if he had just been asleep? Was he really awake the whole time? Was he still mad at me? Why was I suddenly being pinned down?

“You know, we never did get to dessert earlier.” Jungkook’s voice sounded a little sleepy, but he was awake enough to use his strength to pin me down onto the bed.

“Well, you kinda burned me alive and threw me down the shithole. I think that was reason enough to skip dessert.” I said, trying to free my hands from his grip. He only tightened his grip on me.

“But you said you were craving chocolate.” Jungkook’s voice was deep and sexy. He leaned his head down and kissed my neck, all while keeping me pinned to the bed.

“What is it with you and your mood swings?” I asked, trying not to enjoy the kisses he left on my neck. “I thought you were still mad at me.”

“I am.” He kissed my neck again. “I don’t have to be happy to want you, you know.”

Jungkook’s knees found their way between my thighs and he opened them in one swift movement. His hips began to grind into mine while he pulled my hands up above my head.

His lips traveled down to my chest, and over the fading bruises that Jimin had left on me last week. I wanted to push him away and tell him that he was crazy, but my body wouldn’t respond.

His kisses and his hip movements felt too good to push away. I still felt horrible, but Jungkook’s actions forced me to push my negative thoughts from my head.

“You’re a terrible person, Jungkook.” I said, but a moment I pushed my head back into the pillow and let out a soft moan from the continuous hip movements that he made.

“I know I am.” Jungkook said, crossing my wrists over one another. One of his hands let go of my wrist, but the other still held both my wrists above my head.

His other hand reached down and slipped under my tank top. He lifted it up, exposing my breasts to the cool air. “And I don’t plan on changing that.”

Jungkook leaned down, his teeth taking a hold of my sensitive nipple, causing me to gasp in pain. It hurt, but the pleasure from the hip grinding quickly drowned out the pain.

His mouth played with my nipple for a little while longer before moving to the other one and doing the same.

I stared at the top of the canopy bed, trying the fight the moans and gasps escaping my lips. Why did he always have to win?

Jungkook’s lips stopped their attack on my breasts, and his hip movements ceased. His free hand ran down my torso, and slipped under the fabric of my pants and underwear.

His fingers teased my entrance, which was already a little wet from the pleasure of Jungook’s hips grinding against mine.

A moment later he slipped a finger past my entrance, sliding into me slowly.

His finger moved inside me, and after another moan escaped my lips he added another finger and together they teased me. I could feel myself growing more and more wet as the minutes ticked by.

Why was he so good?

His fingers slid out of me, and he finally let go of my wrists so that he could pull off my pants and underwear. Once he pulled them off, he tossed them over the edge of the bed.

Before my hands could grab onto his pants, he lifted my shirt up and over my head. As soon as my shirt was cleared, Jungkook’s lips found mine and his hands ran up and down my bare body.

Jungkook wasn’t wearing a shirt, so my hands traveled down his smooth, muscular torso before reaching the elastic band of his pajama pants.

I tugged them down as much as I could, and soon his hands joined in tugging them down a little further.

Our lips parted as he pulled his pants off and tossed them over the edge of the bed, joining my clothes. His arms wrapped around my body, holding me tightly as his lips found mine again.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and my legs wrapped around his hips. I could feel his hard manhood pressing against my wet crotch, longing for him to be inside me.

All my negative thoughts were now out the window, and all I thought about was how much I wanted Jungkook.

He reached down between us, taking his length into his hand and positioned himself at my entrance before pushing his length into me.

I moaned into the kiss, feeling the satisfaction of his length sliding into me. I wanted him. I needed him.

When I felt Jungkook finally slide all the way into me, his arm wrapped itself back around my waist and his hips began to move.

His movements were slow and smooth, his hips rolling into mine as he drove his length in and out of me. The last few times I had sex, it was rough and powerful but this time was different.

It wasn’t the quick push over the edge, but rather the slow build-up to our climax. Jungkook’s hips gradually picked up a quicker pace, but his movements were still smooth.

His hands explored my body as his hips continuously rolled into mine.

Our tongues danced for most of the time, with Jungkook only breaking the kiss to catch his breath and concentrate on his movements a few times.

My hands ran up and down his back, which gradually became slick with sweat.

The build-up was gradual, making us last a lot longer than we had before. Jungkook’s hips began to thrust into me harder, slowly breaking the slow, smooth movements as he neared his climax.

My climax had been approaching slowly, but I managed to hold myself back. Now that I could tell that Jungkook was nearing his climax, I began to let myself slip toward my orgasm.

“Ari.” Jungkook moaned into my ear, his hands gripping my slick hips as he worked his length into me at a quick pace.

I heard Jungkook moan a couple more times before he reached his climax. He dug his head into the crook of my neck, his hips driving his length into me as he came.

My orgasm came a few seconds later, my walls clenching his length as he came inside me.

I pressed my head into the pillow, moaning Jungkook’s name as the orgasm hit me with every thrust of his hips. Jungkook’s hips slowed, and eventually stopped before pulling out of me.

He didn’t roll off of me, though. Instead, he lifted his head from my neck and looked down at me.

“I’ll make sure you get your chocolate next time, love.” He said before pressing his lips against mine for a few seconds. He then rolled off of me​ and lay next to me.

“You might want to add strawberries.” I said, curling up on my side facing him. “I need a lot of sweetness after having a lot of bitter and sour shit thrown at me.”

Jungkook wrapped his arm around my shoulder, letting my head rest on his shoulder. “I’ll see what I can do.”

A few minutes later, we both drifted off to sleep. I was happy that this roller coaster of a day was finally over.

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