Assistant Lover: Chapter 15 - Territory (Part 2)
Assistant Lover: Chapter 15 - Territory (Part 2) bts stories

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See part 1.

Assistant Lover: Chapter 15 - Territory (Part 2)

“You’re not going to eat?” I heard Jungkook ask as he began to devour his food.

I shook my head. “I kind of feel like shit, you know.” I said, not even bothering with trying to hide the sadness in my voice. “I can’t eat when I feel like I just fucked everything up.”

“Well, you didn’t fuck everything up, but consider it a life lesson.” Jungkook said, pausing his eating. “Don’t try to hang onto something that’s not there anymore.”

Why was he so good with his words? Why did he seem like the older, more mature one when I was three years older than him?

I felt a little bit better, knowing that Jungkook wasn’t going to yell at me anymore, but I still had no appetite.

I watched as Jungkook reached over the table and grabbed my spoon. He scooped up some of the rice I had sitting on my plate and held it up in front of my lips. “Eat, Ari.

” He said in a soft voice.

I looked up at him and he gave me a smile. Even if it was a forced smile, it made me give in. I leaned in and ate the rice from the spoon.

I chewed slowly as I took the spoon from Jungkook’s hand so that he could continue eating his own food.

It was hard to swallow, but eventually my hunger overpowered my guilt and I finished my dinner long after Jungkook had finished his.

I washed down the food with the fruit wine that I barely touched since it was set down.

By the time I was finished with my food, Jungkook had already paid for everything and he was waiting for me.

After finishing my food, I went to the bathroom and fixed my make-up before heading out with Jungkook. We got into the car, and took off to our next destination, wherever that might be.

“Are we going back to you place?” I asked, looking down and playing with the hem of my dress.

Jungkook’s hand grabbed mine and he pulled my hand away from my dress and onto his thigh. I felt his finger lift my head and a second later I was looking up into his dark eyes. “Yes.

I need to show you your office.”

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