Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different Side (Mature content) Part 2
Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different Side (Mature content) Part 2 bts stories

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See part 1. Warning: Sexual content

Assistant Lover: Chapter 14 - A Different Side (Mature content) Part 2

There was a minute of silence, as if Jimin was trying to figure out what to do. I felt his fingers on my chin and he lifted my face.

His fingers wiped away the tears on my cheeks and I blinked away the tears in my eyes. When Jimin’s face came into focus, he still looked angry but he looked calm.

“I know you would never cheat on me, but it makes me wonder how he got you in bed so quickly after we kind of broke up.

” Jimin said, then he held my face in his hands, forcing me to look up at him. “What does he have that I don’t?”

I was surprised by his reaction. I thought he would storm out of here in a rage, but he didn’t.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I never got the chance to say anything because Jimin’s mouth was on mine a second later.

His arms wrapped themselves back around my waist and me pressed his body into mine. My back was pressed against the wall by Jimin’s strong body and my arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Jimin lifted me up on the wall, grabbing my legs and lifting them up to wrap around his waist. My legs held his waist tightly as he pulled me away from the wall and carried me to my bedroom.

He didn’t even bother to close the door, since no one else was here. He then threw me onto my newly made bed and stood at the edge, looking down at me.

I watched Jimin as he pulled off his shirt and threw it across the room. “If it’s dominance that you like, then I’ll give it to you.” Jimin said, his voice sounding angry again.

He then grabbed the sweatpants that I was wearing and tugged them off with my underwear in a heartbeat. My eyes went wide at Jimin’s roughness. This was a side that I had never seen in him.

It was kind of scary, but I also liked it. I guess I was attracted to dominant guys.

Jimin walked over to my bathrobe that was lying on a chair and pulled off the tie that wrapped around the waist.

He walked back over to me and got onto the bed, crawling over me and pushing me toward the headboard.

He grabbed my wrists and tied them together with the tie from my bathrobe and then tied my wrists to one of the bars on my headboard.

I looked up at him, his face never changing as he tied me to the bed. His face was hard with anger and concentration as he looked over my body.

He hovered over me, and his knees pushed my legs open while his hands grabbed onto my old t-shirt.

The sound of fabric ripping filled the room as Jimin tore my shirt apart. I gasped with surprise. Jimin never destroyed my clothes.

“Wha-“ My word was cut off when Jimin lay down on top of me and his mouth began to attack my neck just below where the bruises were.

His teeth began tugging at my skin, bursting a few blood vessels as he bit.

He moved his head down a few inches and repeated, bruising my skin from my chest, over both my breasts, and down my stomach.

When he reached my hips, he bit into my left hip, digging his teeth into my skin. I let out a loud moan, tilting my head back as he almost broke the skin.

His teeth let go of my skin and I let out a deep breath but Jimin wasn’t done yet. He pushed my legs apart and his mouth traveled down to my crotch.

I let out another moan as his tongue began to tease me. His hands gripped my thighs tightly, almost painfully.

He teased my clit and my entrance for a bit before his tongue pushed past my entrance.

“Jimin!” I moaned, pushing my head back into the pillow. The feeling of his tongue moving around inside me made me aroused quicker than Jungkook’s fingers did.

I let out a few more moans before Jimin’s tongue slid out of me, and his mouth detached itself from my crotch. I watched as he kneeled on the bed between my legs.

He already had a bulge in his tight black jeans, and I watched him undo his belt and pants before sliding them down along with his underwear.

His hard manhood, sprung out as Jimin pushed his jeans down. He didn’t pull them off completely, but just enough to show me that he wanted me.

He then lifted my hips and sat back on his feet, pulling my hips onto his strong thighs. His manhood was just inches from my entrance, so Jimin wasted not time.

As soon as he was satisfied with my position, he grabbed his length, positioned it at my entrance and pushed himself into me.

I moaned as he grabbed my hips and roughly pushed himself all the way inside me. My hands gripped the fabric that bound me to the bed. Jimin let out a moan as his hips began to move.

He didn’t start at a slow pace like he usually did, but instead he started off quick and rough. My loud moans were enough to let Jimin know that I liked it.

“You like it rough, Ari?” Jimin’s voice was low and dark, but it sounded so sexy.

I just nodded, unable to form words as Jimin’s hips forced his length into me with so much force that I had to brace myself for every thrust.

His hands gripped my hips, digging his fingers into my flesh as he guided my hips with every thrust he made.

“Say it, Ari.” Jimin’s sexy voice rang in my ears again. “Tell me that you love it.”

I gasped as he broke his rhythm and gave one hard thrust into me before returning to his already rough pace. I let out a moan, and tried to form the words that Jimin wanted to hear. “I love it.

” I moaned. “I love it, Jimin!” I said louder as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching.

With those words, Jimin quickly shifted his hips a little bit, causing him to hit my vital spot over and over again.

His moans and grunts became louder as his thrusts became harder and more uneven. I could tell he was close, too but the look of pain and concentration on his face as he tried to hold it back.

I bit my lip, feeling myself being pushed off the edge. “Jimin!” I moaned his name loudly before my orgasm took a hold of me and I stiffened up.

A second later, Jimin screamed out my name and he threw his head back as his hips gave their last few hard thrusts into me and he came inside me.

My body shook from my orgasm as my hips gripped Jimin’s, keeping him deep inside me as he came.

It was a slow descent back down from our high. Jimin pulled out of me and then reached over and untied my hands from the bedpost.

He then collapsed onto the bed next to me, and I pulled the fabric off my hand and threw it onto the floor.

“We dated for three years and we’ve never had sex like that before.” Jimin said, his voice sounding exhausted.

“I guess jealousy makes you do things you never thought you’d do.” I said, rolling over onto my side and facing Jimin. He was staring at the ceiling when I saw him smile.

“I suppose it’s not a bad thing, though. I think that was the best we’ve ever had.” Jimin said before turning his head and looking at me. “What do you think?”

I smiled and nodded. “I agree.” I said. “But promise you won’t say anything about my situation with my boss.”

Jimin’s smile vanished, but he nodded. “Yeah, I promise.” He looked back up at the ceiling and I saw that he looked frustrated.

“Why is that guy the worst thing, and yet the best thing that’s happened to us? He’s the reason why we broke up, but he’s the reason why we’ve just had the best sex we’ve ever had.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. “Then maybe he’s not all that bad.”

Jimin shrugged, but then shook his head. “Nah, I still hate him.”

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