Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Part 2)
Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Part 2) bts stories

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The boss' lair

Assistant Lover: Chapter 9 - Appetizing (Part 2)

I suddenly felt flustered. He wanted me to go home with him? I felt my face redden at the thought of what could possibly happen.

I looked down at my plate after seeing the smirk on Jungkook’s face grow bigger.

I didn’t see any problem with staying at Jungkook’s place with the exception of not having another change of clothes​ and no underwear.

We already had sex in the office, so going home with him didn’t seem as weird.

I slowly nodded, and I looked back up at Jungkook’s still smirking face. “Sure. I guess it won’t seem weird after what just happened in the office.”

Our main dishes came out a few seconds later. We ate in almost complete silence with the exception of a few comments on the food itself.

After we finished our food, our table was cleared of all the empty plates and Jungkook ordered the check.

To be honest, I could have gone for dessert​, but maybe he had something in mind for that.

“What size underwear do you wear?” Jungkook asked as he signed the receipt.

I was taken back by the question for a second, but I composed myself quickly. “Size six, or medium.” I said quietly.

Jungkook quickly wrote something on the back of a receipt, and then folded it and tucked it into his pocket. He pushed himself away from the table and stood up.

I grabbed my purse as Jungkook came around behind me and pulled my chair out. I got up, but I suddenly felt like I had a wet spot in the back of my dress.

The excitement from earlier had seeped into my dress, after all. I froze and looked back at Jungkook, who seemed to notice. I saw his lips curve up into a smirk before he walked up behind me.

“Walk. I’ll walk behind you.” He said, giving me a gentle nudge with his hand.

I began to walk, feeling Jungkook’s hand gently caressing my back as we walked out of the restaurant. The SUV and driver were right there again.

Jungkook and I got into the SUV, and soon we were off to Jungkook’s place. It only took a few minutes, but during those few minutes,​ Jungkook was on his phone.

He might’ve been texting someone, but I didn’t want to meddle in his personal life so I looked out the window the entire time.

We arrived in front of a tall apartment​ and got out. Jungkook walked behind me again as we entered the lobby of the apartment building.

We got on the elevator, with my bag hanging over Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook pressed the button to the top floor.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Jungkook was suddenly standing right in front of me. His body pressed against mine, and his arms wrapped around my waist.

His lips pressed against mine a second later, so I wrapped my arms around Jungkook’s shoulders. For the twenty seconds or so that we rode in the elevator, our tongues danced in a heated passion.

Ding The elevator doors rang as we reached the top floor. Jungkook’s lips parted from mine, and he smirked at me. He then took my hand and led me out of the elevator.

The hallway had black and white marble lining the floor, walls, and ceiling. There only seemed to be four doors in the hallway.

Jungkook walked me to the door furthest down the hallway on the right. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys.

After finding the right key, he unlocked the large black door that we stood in front of. He swung the door open​ and pulled me inside after him.

He closed the door behind us, locking what might’ve been three locks. I looked around the large open area in front of me.

It looked like a very modern bachelor pad, with a large kitchen, open floor concept, and a lot of modern black and white furniture.

There were stairs on the far left side of the room that must have lead to the bedrooms upstairs. My mouth hung open slightly as I took in the expensive-looking suite.

I was barely even aware of Jungkook standing next to me until he spoke. “Welcome to my lair.”

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