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hmr just a girl going through some stuff
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just a taste of my past

A story

Our story begins as many have before them. With a boy and a girl and a search for God's greatest creation, love. The boy had it all. The looks, the charm, the kind warm soul.

He had the ability to win over any girls heart just with his infectious smile. He could have anybody he wanted. Deep down he knew this to be true, which gave him his greatest weakness.

Nothing was ever good enough. Why should the boy settle for so little when he knew he had the world at his finger tips.

While the girl was no slouch, she paled in comparison to the boy's charm. All she wanted in the world was for the boy to love her. He did not even have to give her his whole heart.

All she desired was to know that somehow the seemingly perfect boy could love a girl like her. The story should close with a happy ending. But for now we do not know.

For this story may never end. It will forever be the girl chasing the boy, and the boy being too foolish to realize that all he has ever wanted is right in front of him.

Two souls waiting to collide, never quite crossing paths, forever searching for the other.

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