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What few mortals milled about this late saw merely a shadow surging past them. James was on the hunt for whoever stole his child.

Joke's on Them

An AU where James Jesse is a vampire

and Axel Walker is a werewolf

James’ heart shattered on sight of Axel through a window in the basement of his captors’ place.

They’d bolted Axel to the floor with silver chains pooled on his chest.

James could hear him crying and his captors laughing.

Joke's on Them

The filth didn’t hear him tread into the dungeon, yet his son did.

Struggling to draw breath into his collapsing chest, Axel whimpered,


One of the blood banks dared to kick Axel in the ribs.

That one died before she could deliver whatever taunt she’d conjured.

A flurry of death followed until Axel was out of his binds and in his father’s arms.

He snatched a set of keys and added one last insult to injury: stealing their vehicle.

His vampiric strength granted him the ability to carry his son out of there,

but James hadn’t stopped to feed ever since his cub went missing.

He took a quick sip from one of Axel’s captors before pillaging their fridge for some meat for his cub.

Axel was sprawled out in the back row in his wolf form, having been locked out of it for so long.

His breath was still labored yet not as bad as it was beneath the chains.

His tail gave a weak twitch when his father approached.

He nibbled at the meat in James’ hand.

His mind was torn between sleeping and eating.

Somewhere amidst his haze of hunger and exhaustion, Axel knew this was a bad sign.

He needed to be stronger for his father.

“Shhh, pup, you have nothing to prove.”

If Axel were a vampire, James would have him drink some of his blood, but werewolves feasted on flesh and bone.

James would just have to break some traffic laws then.

Whatever it took to get Axel home ASAP.

“You’re so strong, my boy.”

“You’re the toughest cub in the world,

hanging in there ‘til I found you.”

Axel deflated against the blankets and pillows: their softness a balm for his silver burns, his father’s words a salve for his soul.

“Rest, Tricky..."

"The sooner you sleep, the sooner you can wake up and eat all the bacon and chocolate chip pancakes I’ll whip up for ya tomorrow!”

Axel finally sunk into sleep.

Soft snores soon floated throughout the room.

James kissed Axel's fuzzy forehead, then left for his own room.

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