The Quidditch Match
The Quidditch Match harry potter stories

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The start of some of my musings

The Quidditch Match

Well today's the day. The day we play Slytherin. It's our last year at Hogwarts so I know everybody's nervous. Especially that he's team captain and all.

We do make the perfect pair don't we? Him with the looks. And me with the brain.

Well back to the's a big day for him. And between taking 5 classes, maintaining a relationship, and dealing with his temper. It can be hard.

But no relationship is perfect right? This is normal? With me studying so much and all of his practice. It's no doubt taken a strain

I considered taking a lighter load...but the Ministry says I could be the youngest hire ever. I can't let this opportunity slip away.

And that led to a fight last night. A fight that did not end well.

Don't get me wrong. I love that man. And I will cheer him on like crazy today.

But I have to wonder.....will it always be like this?

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