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heliakalon "Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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Nothing, but the truth. Always choose your words wisely.


by mitchel

1 year ago

We were sitting in the classroom drawing our paintings for art class, as the teacher went outside shortly.

Immediatley riot came up and everybody stopped drawing and pulled out their phones or just talked with each other.

I kept on painting, as suddenly Noah raised his voice "Hey! Who else is thinking that Caras shirt isn't hiding her fat stomach?" He asked while he laughed.

Everybody in the room was laughing- laughing about me. I didn't know what to do or what to say so I just jumped of my chair and run out of the room.

Why does he always has to be so rude?! What have I ever done that he hates me so much?! I don't understand him..

some days he's the nicest guy I've ever met and the other days he's just so freakin mad..like what the hell is wrong with this guy??

I know that I'm not the thinnest girl around but is that really necessary? I feel uncomfortable even without him saying that I'm fat..

May be I should just quit it

you know quit everything.

I just can't do this anymore - getting up and going to school where I get bullied all day long. I'm just not strong enough for that shit..sometimes I pray to god - I pray for him to release me

release me from this fucked up place! All the time I fought for better friends, better grades, better times, but all I've got was nothing! Nothing changed, everything became worse.

I'm walking around the campus now, trying to calm down and to stop myself from crying. I hate that he makes me cry every time..I feel so vulnerable.

Some pupil are standing at the bus stop others are sitting in the gras, enjoying the warmth of the sun. While I'm walking around, I made a decision.

Noah's point of view

The way Cara started crying today was absolutely hilarious! I could make fun of her the whole day she's so sensitive.

It's not that I hate her, no that's not the point. To be honest I kind of like her and she's nice but I don't know I once started with this whole joking thing and I simply continued it.

Today, she was well dressed and looked beautiful but I don't wanted to tell her because of what would the others think?! I mean she's not as skinny as other girls and I'm usually mean to her

It would be weird to complement her and tease her right after so I just kept it to myself.

Caras point of view

"Time's up!" I thought to myself and made a few steps foreward. I heard the bus coming down the street. The driver honked and hardly put on the breaks as he already hit me.

I felt like flying a few seconds and than, everything was numb. I heard nothing - felt nothing. I just saw the beautiful grey sky and how everything slowly turned white around me.

Noah's point of view

At this morning I heard a loud crash and a lot of pupil screaming, as I walked to school. Confused about what happened I walked towards the crowd that has formed a circle.

I pushed some people away and made my way through the crowd, as I reached the end. I was holding my breath and I felt like throwing up every second. There was Cara! She lay on the ground

without moving just her eyes were opened and her skin was pale. Her lips weren't that smooth like they usually are and she was bleeding. Her shirt was completely covered in red.

It flowed down her arm and reached her fingertips. My thoughts were spinning was it an accident? Hasn't she heard the bus coming? Didn't she look again before she crossed the street?

1 week later

Some people said that Cara knew the bus was coming..she wanted to get hit..this theory has been proven through a letter she had left were she wrote down why she did this.

The main reason she named, was me. She suffered because of me and I was too dumb to see it. She wrote "I just can't stand this anymore!..he's a monster!.."

I didn't know my jokes were that horrible for her, I mean I knew that she was sad but I thought she'll forget about it in the next second..

Since that moment I feel empty - I feel guilty. I'm the one to blame..and I can never take something I said back..it's too late.

She's gone.

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