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heliakalon "Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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The little things count.


by mitchel

It has to be fate

Only the two of us are left, waiting for our parents, friends, whatever.

Only two steps apart

We're standing in the cold. You hide your hands in your jacket pockets and the wind is tumbling your hair.

Time is passing by

And you start walking in small circles, kicking some stees still hiding your hands while I'm watching you, observing every thing you do.

The air smells like rain

and the street starts shining and glimmering. I look up to the sky and feel the rain drops hitting my face .

My heart skips a beat

as your eyes meet mine. A shy smile appears on your face and I smile weakly back. The rain drops grow bigger and I began to get really drenched.

You begin to walk your circles more and more nervously

and you are getting more and more impatient while you're looking at the street.

I see a cab drives down the street and it's parking right in front of you. "Finally!" You yelled at the driver while you're getting in. Right as you slam the door, you open it again.

"Hey! Shall we take you somewhere?" He yells out of the cab. I hardly understand him but automatically I nodded "well than, hurry up!" He continues.

It was quiet.

I'm sitting right next to him and my heart beats faster, my hands are sweaty and I blush. "Thank you for sharing the cab with me" I say shyly and smile at him.

"No problem, I couldn't let you stand in the rain" he smirks and I can see his dimples. He looks amazing when he's laughing. I feel my heart melting the longer I look at him.

We arrive the gateway and I get ready for backing out while he looks at me. Suddenly he grabs my hand and I turn around again. "Can I see you again?" He asks unsure and smirks shyly.

Astonished I'm trying to find words "um..yeah sure!" I answer while I'm searching my phone "here, I'll give you my number and you can call me if you want to" I continue but he seems sad.

"What do you think about now?" He laughs "now?" I'm asking unsure "yeah, now come on I'll invite you!" He smiles. Nervously and with a beating heart I agree "okay..fine." I smile back.

I knew it was fate.

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