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heliakalon "Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
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A short story about life being an asshole.


by mitchel

It was late and dark outside as I went to sleep that night.

It was quiet. The whole house was asleep.

But then, suddenly I heard a strange sound downstairs.

First I thought it was just the cat, trying to get inside

That's why I continued sleeping.

But that was a bad mistake.

To think that everything's fine.

I almost fell asleep again.


But then I heard footsteps, seemed like they came from the livingroom.

I jumped out of bed and decided to have a look at the things which were happening downstairs.

I prowled out of my room, quietly for sure.

I almost reached the stairs as I heard steps again. My heart just stopped for a second.

Abruptly I pushed my body against the wall and prayed that nobody noticed me sitting here at the top of the stairs.

A few minutes later I was brave enough to go downstairs. It was quiet again.

So I went into the livingroom where the weird noise was coming from.

Nothing to see. Nothing to hear. Just silence.

I turned around cause there was nothing wrong as I got hit with something. I fell to the ground. The only thing I saw was a masked person then everything turned black.

I woke up and the sun was shining through the windows. My head was hurting and my hands were covered with blood.

I hardly got the strength to get up. It was quiet. Nobody's there just me.

I remembered what happened last night... My Family!.. I tried to run upstairs but I wasn't at my best..

My head was hurting badly but I pushed the pain to the back of my mind and almost reached my parents room.

As I saw a puddle of blood right in front of my sisters bedroom. I took a deep breath.

I opened the door and just couldn't hold myself on my feet anymore. It was like the strength left my body. I cried.. and couldn't believe what I saw.

Both of my sisters were lying on the ground. Lorens clothes were torn and everything was covered in red..her hair was a mess and I found her undies lying in a corner with some red stains on them.

Valery was turned around. She was lying on her stomach and just like Loren she wasn't wearing her undies..

I..I can hardly imagine what kind of pain they went through right before they died..but it was just such a cruel way to die..

I felt sad and angry at the same time. I wish I could turn back time! That I could help them! That's just not what they deserved!

With tears in my eyes I closed the door again and went to my parents bedroom now..

But right as I opened the door I found my mum lying in the same pose like Valery did ..I was looking for dad but he wasn't there.

Feeling weak like I'm just right before collapsing again, I forced myself to search dad

I felt sick and was afraid of throwing up cause that's just too much for me..

I was making my way to the kitchen were I found dad..he was lying on the ground and held the phone right in his hands. His eyes were still opened and it was like he was staring at me.

I run outside into the garden and was throwing up till there was nothing left in my stomach.. That's just a bad dream. That's not true. That's not real!

With nothing more than my boxers I run to the next police station hoping they could tell me that I'm just getting crazy and my family's still alive and nothing bad happened.

But everything stared getting to real...It wasn't a bad dream, no it was real. My family was gone and I was left alone. I swore myself that I will find the one who did this to me.. and to them..

8 years later.

"Harry? Look at this. I guess that could be interesting for you." Luke, my partner said. "Wait a minute Luke! I'm done in a second" I responded "sorry Ms. what did you say?"

"Officer listen please, my bag was stolen it's a black one with some white stripes on it." The woman said. "Alright we will try our best to find your bag and the one who has stolen it Ms. baker"

I went to Luke for 'the interesting thing' he found"what you've got for me?" "Look! The DNA from Derek Carter is exactly the same one we found on your sister Loren." It was quiet again.

"You know what that mean, Harry" I was stunned I just couldnt breath. All the time I tried to find the one who ruined my life. He was the reason why I became a police officer. And now..I got him.

"Carter?" I knocked at the door "Derek Carter!" I shouted. "NYPD! Open the door Carter!" I stamped the door and saw him sitting on a couch with a smile on his face "I knew you would find me"

Than he held a gun against his head and his smile just grown bigger. "Don't worry, I will send greetings to your family" than he pulled the trigger. "No!"I screamed. But it's to late, he's dead.

I almost got him! I almost had the chance for revenge! Almost! It was the only thing that kept me alive. "Harry? Where's Carter? Jail is waiting for him" Luke joked but I just walked past him.

"Harry?" "He shot hisself" I responded hardly holding my tears back. Right at home I was thinking. About everything and I've come to a decision. "Im sorry for sucking at everything!"

I screamed to heaven "but now I will see you all again, mum dad Loren and Valery" I looked up to the sky as I let myself fall. Fall down the bridge.

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