Biyustania: a Staff a Kingdom and A lot of Cats
Biyustania: a Staff a Kingdom and A lot of Cats mystic stories

heletis A cat with a dragon soul inside
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It's a story about a kingdom called Biyustania where cats live in peace.
But peace never lasts forever right? ^^

Biyustania: a Staff a Kingdom and A lot of Cats

She walked slowly to silver covered staff. On staff’s top there was sapphire which is shining like birght star in a night which is full of darkness.

The light, this crystal radiate was in a great harmony with staff’s silver skin and the ivy patterns on it. This scene make her feel like she is looking into moon, seeing its glittering veins.

She knew that, the moon has no veins for sure but if it has, those veins would be look exactly like this. Between all these thoughts she finally found the guts to touch the staff.

She moved her paw to it, as calm as she can. When she touched it, The light that crystal barely held, has been freed and spread all over the room. Embraced walls and everything in it.

She smiled for just a moment then heard a recognisable voice ‘’Well, then...’’ and everything went black.

Long time ago there was a kingdom which ruled by cats. This kingdom called Biyustania where all of cats are living in peace. Their Cating and Cateen were very nice and rules kingdom well.

They also has a guardian angel named Shelia who protects them from everything that can be harmful for Biyus -The cat people in Biyustania-

In Biyustania everything was going well and it will be countinue going well because Biyustania has lots of brave heroes like warriors, hunters, mages, knights, paladins, clerics etc.

And there were lots of biyus who wants be a hero, a protector for Biyustania, a legend whose story will tell around tongues, but our story is different.

Our story is not about Shelia, not about Catings or Cateens, not about heroes, saviors, legends or someone who wants become one.

Our story is about someone from our world, someone who knows nothing about Biyustania, someone who never wanted to get into things like this. Our story is about Minnosh.

A pet who were living her live in peace in a third floor of a apartment in a middle of a city, Drinker of milks, ruler of cat toys. The mighty and strong, majestic and astonishing...

Just joking she was just a normal pet, but! There was something special in her.

One day while she was just laying in her bed and thinking about how amazing being a cat, she saw a light beam comes from her owner’s room she used to doesn't care things like these.

Actually she was lazy enough to don’t care a flying car comes to their sitting room, but this time she just wanted to take a look and walked slowly into her owner’s room.

She pushed the door with her paws and get in. There was nothing but cold wind blowing from open window. She was about to leave but then she saw a ring just near her owner’s bed.

This ring couldn’t be hers. Minnosh used to know every ring her owner has. Ring was silver and has a sapphire on it. It was beautiful.

Minnosh loved ring and decided this ring would be a great gift for her owner. She went to took the ring and when she put her paw on it everything went black.

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