Innocents by FA Paine

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Its like I have a deep ocean inside me...a puddle that won’t dry...

Innocents by FA Paine

And my future?

I’m never accepting when it comes to myself.

All my dreams were c r u s h e d

Like an actress in distress.

Wanted to be a teacher, wanted to be a singer.

I wanted to play the d r u m s

I wanted to touch the stars with my bare palms, but remembered not all fairy tails end well.

It’s like a have a deep ocean inside me,

And a small puddle that won’t dry.

A unified bookshelf full of words,

yet not a single one can describe my life.

It feels like I can’t B R E A T H E

When I S P E A K

Of issues around the world,

So I write down all my emotions...

And in the wind let them be blown.

It’s not my dream to become a writer, a poet, a storyteller, I’m Already All That.

And although writing is a therapy session I can afford, I Don’t Know Who I am.

But I know every poem I write is for the innocents who wake up every morning asking: who am I?

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