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She thought, that, deep down, where no one was watching, she was finally free of her own inner demons that kept her trapped.

She was wrong; for they held onto her like a child would to their mother.

They thought she was crazy when she tried to jump not once, but twice. After that day, no one looked at her the same way ever again.

But the desert's sad wrapped her up into a storm as more and more heat hugged her tight. Freedom, she thought, was given.

Finally, when the winds parted, and left her there asunder, she opened her eyes to face the world.

There stood people, in black, gray, and blue, holding out their hands for her.

Behind them was a shining light, keeping her trapped in its brightness.

She finally gave in.

The lights took her in, and left her soul standing there, pondering over the situation.

She was free.

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