Ghost ghost stories

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"I hate you," she whispered, flush against his chest.


by FA Paine

“I hate you,” she whispered, flush against his chest, her eyes clogged with tears, her voice closing tight.

“I know,” he replied, accepting the truth. He felt her shake, felt her bleed with hate.

She cried, screaming right at him, throwing her arms high, a sound erupting in her mind, as she slapped him hard across his face.

He took it in, waiting for the pain to spread. It made a mark against his cheek, making it seem almost fake.

“But I love you,” he mumbled, eyelashes touching his cheek. “And I’m sorry,” “But you have to go,” she finished.

And just like that, he was gone, not a single trace left behind, that he was ever there.

Kara feels the tears, staining her shirt, as she thinks about him, Killian was a ghost.

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