Emergency Stop! Chapter 3
Emergency Stop!
Chapter 3 romance stories

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In Chapter 3 Abby and Evan have an Emergency Stop in the elevator at the new World Trade Center that could lead to big changes for both of them.

Emergency Stop! Chapter 3

by H. Lobecker

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act. - Paulo Coelho, Brazilian Novelist

It just stopped.

The sleek modern elevator in the Best Address in the World had just ... stopped.

Abby opened her pretty pink lips and said,

"What in the world's going on in the new World Trade Center? " She firmly pushed the button for the 38th floor. Nothing happened. She pushed the button again.

"Hmm," said Evan, but he wasn't pushing any buttons.

The elevator still wasn't moving.

Abby looked nervously at Evan, this was not a good feeling. Evan smiled comfortably at Abby, this was an interesting situation.

"Eventually, we all need help," said Evan.

Abby decided to ignore the handsome but clearly loony-tunes man on the elevator with her.

"Well, eventually is NOW," said Abby.

She pushed the Help button. The doors didn't open. The lights didn't blink.

A disembodied voice came from the ceiling,

"We are working on getting the elevator moving again. We are aware of the issue." Evan leaned casually on the wall. Abby was holding her hands tightly together.

"Are we under attack again?" Abby anxiously blurted out.

They were in the new World Trade Center and her emotions where running high. Evan looked into her eyes and put his warm hands over her chilled ones to calm her and give her strength.

"No, no!" said the voice, "We are not under attack."

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. We'll get you moving in no time." Oh the vague "technical difficulties" from the voice in the ceiling. Abby hated an unprecise answer.

The heat of Evan's hands soakeded into Abby's body

and quieted her nerves.

The day had given Evan beautiful woman to get to know. He was going to follow his instincts and talk to her.

It was way past time for introductions.

"Hi, I'm Evan," he said. Oh, his voice.

His deep voice was dark coffee with a bit of cream.

His voice was a cozy blanket on a cold night, a voice to curl up next to.

"I'm Abby," she said. She sounded as nervous as

she felt. Nervous about being stuck in an elevator, nervousness about standing next to a hunk of a man with a voice she wanted to snuggle with, and nervous about what would happen next.

Evan's strong hands held onto Abby's.

"We're in this together," he said. "We'll be alright." He waited for her to look up at him. He wanted her to see how sure he was that they would be fine.

She looked up. She dove headfirst into his deep blue eyes.

"Oh my," thought Abby, "it's like being surrounded by an ocean of sapphires."

"Well, hello," thought Evan,

"She has intense star-bursts in her eyes." He wanted all that intensity focused directly and only on him.

The elevator was charged full of energy,

promise and potential. Abby parted her lips and then ...

See what happens next in Chapter 4!

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