Emergency stop! Chapter 1
Emergency stop!
Chapter 1 romance stories

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Chapter 1 introduces Abby and her well-planned life. But life never follows a straight path!

Emergency stop! Chapter 1

by H. Lobecker

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. " - Translated from Scots, by Robert Burns

You could always count on Abby to have a plan.

And a back-up plan. And back-up plan B too. Reliable and smart, Abby's job as a construction manager was a good fit for her rational personality.

Waiting for the elevator in the new World Trade Center,

she smoothed down the conservative grey skirt she had carefully laid out the night before. She mentally ticked off the questions she had for her meeting with the flooring contractor.

Not that she needed a mental review, because, of course,

her questions and notes where also well documented in her planner for the day.

Her wavy brown hair was pulled into a practical pontail

and her make-up was classy and subtle to show off her light complexion. Her gold earrings glinted softly in the modern lobby, her black wedge shoe tapped the floor as she waited.

She pushed elevator button again, impatient to get work.

The bamboo floor was going in today, and she was there to oversee the installation and meet the contractor.

Abby's plan was to get there first to ensure everything

was ready to go. It was her first big project at "The Best Address in the World" and she was double, triple checking every detail.

Her project was going really well and on schedule,

and she was determined to keep it that way.

Her project to find love was less successful.

She was months behind on Task 1 : "Go on a date with a nice enough guy."

Abby liked a place for everything

and everything in it's place. But "organized and neat" where not qualities that got you dates on LoveNet. Her plans for love and marriage needed a Risk Assessment.

"You can't project manage feelings, Abby,"

her friend Lisa said. But Abby liked to be in control and follow the script she wrote out in her head. She didn't know any other way.

The elevator seemed slow this morning.

But that was probably because she was so eager to get to work.

Finally, the elevator came.

Right after Abby got on, a deep voice command her to, "Hold the door!" Her French manicured finger held down the OPEN button and a very handsome, very tall man strode on.

Ding! The doors closed. Together, they began to ascend.

See what happens next in Chapter 2!

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